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KXNG CROOKED feat. Bridge - "Mr. I Don't Give A Fuck"

Quote:Treacherous C.O.B. is preparing for the release of their upcoming compilation album The Mint Room 2 on May 12th. While we await the project's arrival, the label has decided to offer an exclusive sneak peak to fans. As a result, KXNG CROOKED's brand new song Mr. I Don't Give A F*ck has been made available. The new record features an appearance by Los Angeles' Bridge and production from the label's in-house producer Jonathan Elkaer. Fans who are interested in checking this hot new record out can stream it online or download a copy today.

Download / Stream:
this is aite.... but over the past couple years, Crook has only further reinforced the notion amongst his fans that he needs someone else to pick (or help pay for better) beats and hooks... SMH was ok, but it's still below par of what we believed this man was capable of just 4 years ago... Statik KXNG has potential but I'd imagine we're all cautiously optimistic at this point
Lyrics were lacking personally, seems like a throwaway f for me. 

The way we have had Kendrick, joey bada$$, lupe J Cole, recently with cohesive albums, none typical Hiphop beats, great lyrics, messages, etc
Crook needs to step his game up

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