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Horseshoe Gang -- Anti-Trap Music: First impressions from a total noob
Hello, I discovered Horseshoe Gang last night. I am a total noob and I don't know much about any of these guys in this circle of hip hop artists. I had to Wikipedia Crooked I just to answer the verification question to register on this website that's how out of the loop I am. So to be up front I found it on a leak blog and thought it looked kind of cool, I am a sucker for Hip-Hop groups like Bone Thugs, Pharcyde, Wu-Tang etc. so I said what the hell and downloaded it on a whim.

After one play through and several songs repeated over and over (Out of Touch is FIRE >Big Grin) I am totally hooked. This is the rap I feel like I've been waiting to hear again. It's like great hip hop from the late 90s / early 2000s, but still utilizes the technology we have today and the production is spot on, vocal levels and beats and everything are executed with a professional quality to them. Each song is a bit unpredictable, you could throw them all in a hat and pick random ones and you would probably have a good balance of windows down volume up bangers all the way to strong thought provoking crash-the-party messages to the industry.

Then you have some that are a little more subtly reminiscent of the Cloud Rap bubble around the late 2000s, like Falling Down. The vibe that they execute both styles and everything in between with is just perfect to me and speaks to me so well, I have personally a bit of a niche appreciation of hip hop, I can appreciate music from every subgenre but I like it to have this specific type of sound that's hard to explain, but this album captures that sound within the boom bap / cloud rap / bangers like I Want, it's like I hit the jackpot on my own personal hip hop ideal beat types and styles and vibes within them.

  • Is this the right place for Horseshoe Gang? I googled them and it brought me here.
  • Is there anyone that could give a brief quick overview to what all these hiphop groups are on the site and how they are connected together here, and how Horseshoe Gang fits into all of that?

One more P.S. if anyone out there has info on this...

I wanted to go purchase a hoody or t-shirt/hat that says Horseshoe Gang but their merchandise website seems to be completely down, the Twitter account deleted or changed, and there are no products available. I would like to make sure I am purchasing it officially so theyre getting the $. I also looked to see when they'd be touring and couldn't find that but figure that might not even be set up or in the works right now at this point for them. Not really sure either way

I am excited to get more and more into Horseshoe Gang talking to everyone, telling friends about it etc. They deserve to have this album get some serious play!
First off glad to hear you're feeling the album, always nice to hear someone big up the horseshoe gang, I couldn't agree more and think these guys deserve some serious recognition in the industry.

Now as far as your couple questions I'll do my best to answer them, I would say that this is the place for the horseshoe gang I'm not aware of a better place to discuss them though if there is a place I'd love to know of it since as I'm sure you've noticed this place is pretty dead now a days!

Now as far as who all the groups on this site are and how they're connected I'm really not the best person to give this but I'll give a brief overview that anyone can correct if I've got something wrong.

Basically this site is a Crooked I("KXNG CROOKED") and C.O.B.(Circle of Bosses) fansite, COB is basically a bunch of artists affiliated with Crooked on numerous levels...Horseshoe gang being actual blood relatives of some sort(someone should be able to be more specific than that I've never been 100% on how they are related just know that they are) I think some others may have some sort of relation but I'm not really sure, it's best to just look at them as artists that Crooked put his seal of approval on and give em a listen.

Can't help you out on the merch/touring front don't know anything about that but also don't see anything on their site so I'm guessing they don't have a store set up at the moment?

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