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Slaughterhouse Album Discussion - In Stores Now (Updated: 08/19/09)
(05-22-2009, 08:29 PM)alphabet link Wrote: [quote author=EFFeX link=topic=875.msg255653#msg255653 date=1243037310]
[quote author=alphabet link=topic=875.msg255652#msg255652 date=1243034979]
I hope this comes to NZ but I doubt it Sad It depends on the artist a lot of the times, like I can buy DJ Khaled's latest album in the stores but I can't buy AZ's.. I guess we'll just have to see. But I definitely have to get my hands on at least 1 hard copy.
You could probably order it online, no?

Yea if I have to I will, but obviously I would rather not pay the shipping costs just for a CD.

I wonder what the chances are of it actually coming out on that date. Royce has never released anything on schedule ever, apparently Joey's the same and Crooked's never released anything lol. I have faith they'll come through though..

Well, the thing is that the album is supposed to be done if not done yet, should be in a couple weeks. Remember these guys have to plan to all be together in the studio at once and work around each other's schedules. Apparently right now they are on the final stretch of recording this week. After that they will be on tour the whole summer and will not be able to get back in the booth. So, I don't think pushing it back makes sense at this point. If they complete the music on schedule before Rock The Bells kicks off, it's up to Koch at that point. I think it's possible, but it's like I said only time will tell.
CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
whens RTB kicking off?
Slaughterhouse Need´s to bust some fuckin cornball´s !!!!!!

Slaughterhouse needs to drops this album as a selftitled LP.

here´s my slaughterhouse idea for the upcoming album, i want to see an real hiphop classic album with 12 lyrical raw deep murder´s,
all 4 members from the group are solo artist´s; everybody from there need´s to drop an solo track, the other 8 tracks are group tracks. with an very good
structure this album will be dope as fuck because of the quality from the selftiteld album.

Crooked´s should drop this song on the slaughterhouse album:

damn man i can´t stop watch this video...the kompo version is dope too it sounded like an bay area shit tome, but this og version is more street & westcoast shit to me.
It wouldn't SHOCK me if that alternate version of "I'm Still A MC" is on the Slaughterhouse project, but I really hope we get something else to be honest. We'll have to wait and see I guess.
it was just an idea, i mean i would be happy if we get something new....but i want that og im still an mc version, crooked can drop that on boss.
I'll be surprised if theres any solo tracks on there. I'm sure there will be tracks that don't have all 4 members on it but I don't think there will be any solo joints.

I really want a song with just Royce and Crooked going back and forth, that would be dope.
#29 posted some Eminem freestyles today. How are they relevant to Slaughterhouse? Peep it:

Quote:These mp3s are straight from Mr. Westwood himself. The freestyle mp3s are explicit & longer (11min) than yesterday’s rip. If you need another reason to delete yesterdays, the quality of those rips sucked..

UPDATE: I think the Alchemist freestyle is a beat for the Slaughterhouse album. The sample says “Microphone” and that’s one of the confirmed tracknames in the article. Plus, Em mentions Slaughterhouse.

Here's the link to freestyle over the alleged Slaughterhouse beat:
westwood, as in tim westwood? the UK DJ for radio 1?

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