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need help finding a CROOK guest appearance from 07 to 09 ish....VERY descriptive
so the first dude on the song starts his raps out

"?Illusiano? but you can call me Brady Quinn, I put the Browns in a position to win"

our boy Crook drops the 3rd verse

"if It don't make dollars it don't make sense, I been in love with the money she been my soulmate since
how I do I get her? I go slang Prince, flippin the purple rain weed moving golden state zips
treat em like 16ths only i'm grinding em harder, I wish ia nigga didn't drop out I mighta been smarter
pull a 50 cent on them, invest in vitamin water/ but I didn't so a nigga gotta tie up ya daughters
Crooked I gets money ,a dummy he not......rob you and your buddy for guap"

Crook shouts a lot during the record, it's over a real kickass beat.  god damn I can't find this shit anywhere.  I have it on a hard drive but have no access to said hard drive for awhile.

can anyone help??  song is most likely 07 or 08, i'm 100% sure on that
found it:

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