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KXNG CROOKED - "Life (Freestyle)"

Quote:KXNG CROOKED has been on the war path in 2017 delivering hot verses left and right. Now, fresh off the release of his Cigar Boy freestyle, the Boss of the West is back with another one. On his new Life freestyle, Crooked hits listeners with a lyrical onslaught over a classic J Dilla instrumental. Being that April marks Hip Hop Weekly's ten year anniversary, Crook has certainly been doing his historic series justice with the recent barrage of dope rhymes.

Lord Have Mercy this shit is flames
this is the dopest shit Crook has dropped in maybe a few years at the least.

crazy how his best shit imo is "freestyle" freebies like this one and that Beautiful Murder track he dropped a while back... the bars shit on a lot of his own album material most of the time

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