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[Music] KXNG CROOKED - "Too Ashamed"

Billboard premiered KXNG CROOKED’s song Too Ashamed this week which touches on the West Coast legend’s battle with alcoholism. Following in the foot steps of his Slaughterhouse brothers Joe Budden and Royce Da 5’9″, Crooked has confirmed his sobriety on the new record. During a recent conversation with the music publication, Crook opens up and explains how the process of overcoming this addiction has changed his life. The song itself is quite powerful and features amazing production by Jonathan Hay and King Graint with additional vocals by Mike Smith and Illiana Eve. Interestingly enough, all of the parties involved in the creation of this song have their own personal tales to share and fans are encouraged to check out the full story on Billboard’s website. Those who are interested in hearing this emotional record can stream it online now.

The Boss Board would like to congratulate KXNG CROOKED on his journey to overcome alcohol addiction and wish him much success going forward.


If Crook ever gets any mainstream shine.... I'm hoping it comes from a track like this.

"Too Ashamed" and "Ashamed" (not the same song lol) are two of his most introspective and maybe realest tracks to date...

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