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Crooked I - Tha Row Dot Com
Artist: Crooked I
Song: Tha Row Dot Com
Produced by: ?
Appears on: Intro for


I Know You Wanna Know The Real About Tha Row
I Know How Real Niggas Still Feel About Tha Row
Nigga We Still About To Blow
Still About To Go Where No Other's Gone Befo'
Stomping The conk When Icon conjure the monster flow
It's The C-R Double Uh Oh, Uh Oh K-E-D
And I'm Bangin' With Tha Row, Uh Oh
Nigga Welcome To The Website
And You Been Stop Supportin' These Rappin' Transvestites
See First Of All, Ima ex Yo game, Then Ima sex Yo dame
Get Her Addicted Like She Took A Hit Of The Best Cocaine
It's A Westcoast Thang, Nigga, Now Let's Go Bang
Bulletproof Navigator And A Death Row Chain
Nigga Hardcore's The Era
Gang Wars, Drug Lords And Terror
I'm dumping out of a orange Porsche Carrera
Shootin' Crooked Than Richard Fox
When I Die It'll Be In A Shoot Out With 50 Cops
And 777 Is Makin' The Clique Complete
A Nigga Fallin Off Of A Skyscraper
That's How Hard Crooked's Shit Gone Hit The Street
You Hate On Us, You Gettin Kicked With cleats
When I'm Finished You Be Callin A Dentist To Fix Your Teeth
Ya Heard? I'ma Proceed To Drop Bombs
Intriago The Top Don, I'm On Tha
Check It For News, Artists And Interviews
But Keepin' It Gangsta Just Like Some Chuck Taylor Tennis Shoes
Listen I Got My Gang With Me (We Untouchable Nigga)
Now Who Wanna Bang With Me (We Indestructible Nigga)
Yeah, The Bigger These Niggas They Figure They Are
The Harder They Fall, So When You See Me Skimasked Up
Huh, I Want It All, Mothafucka

(Yeah, It's Tha Row.Com, Young Dollar In This Mothafucka, Bitch Ass Niggas)

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