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Crooked I "Mr. Pig Face Weapon Waist" E.P. - Now Available [iTunes / Amazon]
Just picked up one of the autographed "Mr. Pig Face, Weapon Waists."
(04-28-2010, 03:00 AM)EFFeX link Wrote: [quote author=stingyboi link=topic=965.msg271607#msg271607 date=1272437736]
y'all should get that. i have two of pigfaces & two slaughterhouse's autograph lol...

Yeah man, these joints are gonna be so rare once they're sold out...

exactly bro. can't take stuff for granted man. fools that didn't get it will regret it. quote me LOOOL..o boi. i bought westcoasanostra when it first drop. on or sum for like $30 sum dollars. i had it for yrs. but one day needed money or sumthing. sold it on ebay like an idiot. regretted it. (wish i never sold it) but i did re-bought it again on ebay so i have it again Smile history man u know wat i'm sayings???  Big Grin 8)

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