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Crooked I, One-2 & Mykestro - "3 Emcees"

[Image: mickstape.jpg]

Quote:That's right everyone, Treacherous Records is gearing up to release the highly anticipated compilation project titled Mick's Tape. As the project approach's it's release, we now have obtained the first track to be leaked to the public. The Komplex produced song is titled 3 Emcees and is a joint effort between Crooked I, One-2 and Mykestro. This song is simply on another level and listeners will be blown away by the song's content. Not only is Komplex's production a perfect marriage of old school Hip Hop with the modern Cali sound, but the trio of emcees delivers flawlessly on every bar. For those of you who are not aware, Mick's Tape is a compilation that Mickey from Treacherous Records has been putting together since 2006. Mickey states that the project is not being released to advance his own name. He is simply putting out a project that will feature music from all the hottest artists and producers that deserve extra attention on the West Coast. Fans can expect to see appearances by not only the three artists mentioned above, but The Horse Shoe Gang, Knoc Turn'al, K-Young, Sauce Da Boss, Ya Boy, Jayo Felony, Young De and many more. If you are interested in learning more about this epic project please visit Mickey's MySpace page. In the mean time check out this new song using the link or music player included below. As always, keep it locked to The B.O.S.S. Board as we will provided additional information regarding Mick's Tape as it becomes available.

Mickey's MySpace:

Download / Stream:

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Crookeds verse is sick 'my guns are like drugdealers they love to crackheads'!!!
Sweet!  Can't wait to hear this one!  I wish Crooked and One 2 would do an entire project together.  I know it wouldn't benefit Crooked much, but make good music together!
this is dope
Man this is soo DOPE, the beat/sample sounds familiar? Kompo killed it.....They all killed it.
(08-13-2009, 07:54 PM)rebel.AL link Wrote: Man this is soo DOPE, the beat/sample sounds familiar? Kompo killed it.....They all killed it.

Yeah, I think your right, I been trying to figure out why it's so familiar sounding too.
that whistle sound right?

seems soo familiar

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