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add a "new posts" button
like the one @ jbtv.. Its most likely an option in your menu. I just find it easier to click that button then having to click on each section. I don't think anybody would mind it.
hows about clicking view unread posts at the top ^^^^^
Yeah right at the top, under "What's good <<your name>>?" is the view unread posts button.  It's easy to miss, but it's up there.
yeah i was baffled at first wonderign where that was. if it were more prominent itd be better IMO
jimmys already improving this forum.
We already have one, it's "View Unread Posts" below where you check your private messages.

The only reason I put it there was because that's similar to the location that the Dynasty Online Community had it. I wanted the transition to be easy. However, I put it below the welcome message for aesthetics.

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