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here is mine,  i only use it to annoy my favourite artists lol still confusing to me haha
(07-20-2010, 03:21 AM)Aaron link Wrote:Ok so Im abit behind but Ive added all the names here.... Feel free to add me I need more followers lol

I've also made all types of lists on twitter like #NBA Players #Slaughterhouse #CircleofBosses #Treacherous #Realfriends lol and #TheBossBoard for the boss board members on twitter. Feel free to follow or jack them too.

Follow me on twitter @BIGGPene (I follow back)
follow the COB Street Team on Twitter! @COBTweetTeam (they follow back)
anyone know who runs @S1aughterhouse ??
there is also DaRealSlaughter, many accounts out there floating around, there is no official slaughterhouse account and no one reveals themselves lmao
(04-26-2011, 01:12 AM)Aaron link Wrote:follow the COB Street Team on Twitter! @COBTweetTeam (they follow back)
a lil off topic, but how come this site doesn't have a place to join the Officail C.O.B. Street Team, the Outlawz' forum does, just seems kinda weird that this site doesn't, & I know a lot of people on here would love to join, I fill my freinds in on C.O.B. Music ALL THE TIME, I mean we can all do that anyways, but it would be nice to see myself & others who do the same thing, get some kind of recognition from C.O.B. for expanding the C.O.B. Movement & Music, even if it's only by getting a few more people down with C.O.B. Cause, I mean after all every lil' bit counts.
^^ We started implementing a street team system on the doc forum. didnt really do much when we dont get anything to promote em with, stickers/flyers ect.

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