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One-2 - "The Leak: Mixtape Volume 4"
Awesome mixtape. Got about 4 new tracks. Cool shit Smile
definately been likin his new shit
Wasn't expecting this drop... Can't wait to listen to it! "U Don't Want It" is an amazing cut. It's been in heavy rotation since I downloaded it.
Shit is solid, but I didn't like the first 4 tracks at all.
(10-02-2009, 09:39 AM)anita_job link Wrote: Shit is solid, but I didn't like the first 4 tracks at all.

Really? Cold Blood is one of my favorites.
Didn't notice that most of the tracks were already, some of them 4 years old. It's all good though, great to have all those songs in one place.
I would give this 8 or 9/10, but one thing I wonder about is what the value of rapping with other international rappers is when they rap in their native language? I know hip-hop is international, but it's hard for me to get into lyrics I can't understand. For all I know, these dudes could be the French/German version of Benzino.

Anyone feel me?
Dope project, even though ive heard almost all these it is cool to hear a few new ones.

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