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What's Up And Welcome!
(12-21-2008, 02:13 PM)Hakan link Wrote: was trippin wen i seen da old site shut.. but hey my login stopped workin on der for some reason so ehh kinda good in a way lol... isnt there gonna be another main crooked i forum?

im Hakan from the old forums and still am, was a mod on the forums till my login stopped working, i used to own, shut that down then made but thats down too.. these sites i made back in 2005-2006.. if any of you can memba them sites

Yeah I tihnk I actually do remember those sites. Thanks for joining. This site is still under heavy construction, but is making day-by-day progress, LOL.
Also from the old DOC...been a member since the start and looking 4ward 2 getting all the Crooked I news here. Props to Effex 4 starting this, i was fukkin pissed when the old site shut down. FUCK JAY!!!!

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