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Lyrics section for Royce's lyrics?
Hmm, is there a lyrics section for Royce's music? If not, I'd suggest it should be made, Royce is so good. He's up to par with Crooked, this is a fact, not an opinion.

I would love to see people contributing in putting up Royce's lyrics. English isn't my first language so it may take some time for me to pile up all the lyrics.

Street Hop is my main interest - I've got almost everything from other forums but Gangsta, New Money, Thing For Your Girlfriend and Bad Boy lyrics are missing.
he doesnt touch crooked, this is fact!

but yes i would like  to see a lyrics section for SH members
All lyrics from Slaughterhouse members can be posted in the "Lyrics" sub-section on the Slaughterhouse board.

This is how we do with the Slaughterhouse "Multimedia" section as well. You can post Joe, Royce and Ortiz music in there too.

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