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Royce Da 5'9" - NEW MONEY

[Intro: Beastie Boys sample]
...And on the cool check in
Center stage on the mic
And we're puttin' it on wax
It's the new style!

[Verse 1: Royce]
New money, quite powerful, mic module
Bring duckets, black models, white Pradas, packhouse
You lookin' at the wrong nigga
Long digits, we can bet the farm who farm bigger
Plus I go on my zone
I can leave my jewelry at home and glow on my own
You can go on my phone
You gon' see some numbers of bitches that's so into me
A couple of you might've fucked before - mentally
I don't snitch, furthermore I tour ????
It's death before dishonor before misery
Let us know it, we don't make it rain no mo'
We pull out them dollars and let her throw it
We gettin' new money, let us blow it

[Chorus: Royce & Adela]
[New... New...]
I'm soundin' like new money to me
[New] money to me
[New] money to me
[New] money to me
(You shinin' like new money to me)
[New] (money to me)
[New] (money to me)
[New] (money to me)

[Verse 2]
(Hold) No illa, flow realer, go-rilla
I'm no killa, dope dealer, I'm so Dilla

United we stand divided we fall
Let's pray, any legend you know we gon' miss you
Missing your life, turn up the lights, lights is high)

You hoes can bring it, old school chosen English
Frozen bling and throw-in singles
Y'all niggas pray that your babies come out having good hair
I pray mines have all they toes and fingers
We are different, point blank, distant
It's just meant, you rappin' about what I just spent
As far as hip hop's concerned, you all the same
A bunch of mohawk skinny jeans and wallet change
A bunch of dancing beefers, street blogger lames
So don't get mad at the king if I should call your name
The new cartel, the doc pop the tag off my ass
When I was born my momma pussy had the new car smell


[Verse 3]
With no booth, the flow threw, I'm so truth
I'm sittin' in pudding right now, I'm so Proof


(Uh) Lord willing, 2pac with more feelin'
Your boy's a giant, I step the floor ceilings
More drinkin', more spillin', poor thinkin'
You keep it one hundred, I keep it more Franklins
I keep it one thousand, I keep buying and buying
while you lookin' around until you done brousin'
I put my money where my mouth is
Gentlemans bet, no gentleman bout this
Non regional dialect and outfit
I'm on my West, Midwest, East, South shit
I'm all about chips, with my swallow mouth bitch
Signing out, P.S. Slaughterhouse, bitch!


Green duckets, black models, white Pradas, packed house

I don't snitch, furthermore I toured Sicilia

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