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Royce Da 5'9" - GUN HARMONIZING ft. Crooked I

"Somebody lift me up, yeah
And give me a hannnnnd
Give me a ride, I'm sliding off the highway
there's a curve in the road
I don't know when I'm going, crazy"

[Royce scatting and making gun sounds for next 22 seconds]

[Royce Da 5'9"]
Verbalizin my theme murder
Communicatin while you debatin usin machine squirters
Brrap, that trigger's my tongue, I li-li-lick a nigga
That, fo'-fifth'll, lift a nigga, whole clique up
The Lord call for your soul, it's time to go pick up
Answer the horn, it's blowin at you, you cold stiff up
My heat, heatin my whole hip up, all we do is court strippers
Your metal freezin like it's a morgue zipper
I (I) ride around with Preme
Not the Preme from Queens, but the Preme from Twic'
'Bout to change the game, 'bout to fly to desert, eagle
through y'all people like the wing's the clip, and the barrel's the beak
My perilous fleece, I'ma throw on them diamonds
I'm a pharoah deceased, like a spawn was rhymin
And, I would advice ya not attempt to
New (Temptations), the gun harmonizin

[Royce scatting and making gun sounds for next 22 seconds]

[Royce Da 5'9"]
Every bullet's a note
I write with a firing pen every time that the trigger pull it's a quote
Inside a poof full of smoke
Sniffin lines of that gunpowder I'm hotter
than a pair of boots and a coat And a turtleneck
The best rapper alive could be the best
rapper that died, I murder rest/ I'm murderous
If you ain't get it by now I'm suicidal
I'm wild, a nigga better than me is who I ain't heard of yet
So I ain't murdered yet
He ain't even been born, his momma's a virgin, she ain't even furtile yet
Prepare to get back - next time you take a shit
Stand and turn around and look in the toilet then compare me to THAT
don't compare me to none of these motherfuckin
wannabe hustlers tough until they standin in front of me duckin
it's off with yo' head nigga 'less you one of them Dodgers
We sound off as one, we gun harmonize!

[Royce scatting and making gun sounds for next 22 seconds]

[Crooked I]
This shit is musical, my spit is beautiful
And if the best rapper died we'd be sittin in Nickle funeral
But we ain't dyin 'cause our trigger finger nail ya
As quick as you clip a cuticle
Hollows'll hit your follicles
I split your wig from far away like a long arm barber
Then lift your weight like a strong armed robber
Put that on Moses I will rely on my rhyme
As you were Satan's tongue lying to God, everybody dyin'
It's like we standin' in the circular firing squad
Singers for hire I find em a job
You see the gauge baritone, the revolver's a tenor
The way the shots bend your body I call 'em the spinners
Call 'em Earth, Wind & Fire
Put you beneath the earth, wind & fire
Feel the fire that burnt Richard Pryor
I'm keepin' two guns I named them Romeo & Juliet
Make your take 5 like you and your homies on the movie set

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