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Request: Royce Da 5'9" - Bad Boy
And of course help with the other song lyrics I already posted if there are some mistakes. Most of them are snatched from other forums but few of them I typed myself.
The soul taker
Prolific flow from Jamaica
Wake up, we gettin that bread like a baker
Take your, life like it's no ting
Boy swing, I will bloodclaart everyting from your block to your offspring
You not hardcore
Wouldn't crack a egg
Why the fuck you actin' hard boy?
Boom-by-by is the tune obey by
I'm aligned with goons that's wireless like wi-fi, why try?
I'm on the cusp of greatness
You bumbaclaart fly, I'm on a fuckin' spaceship
Enough in the bracelet to make the blind squick
I'm Eazy, Cube, Yella, Dre n Ren times 10

Put you in the slumber, come on brah
You a bum, you under my um-brella
I put you in a dumpster, whatever
I ain't the fella who you want ruck with
I will batty-boy ki ya, fuck all that dumb shit
Put you up on that concrete, I'm cut like a god lit
Beat you like a brum-brum drum stick
Mumble something, I come through dumpin'
AK-47, pumpin', blow like a trumpet
The foolishness of niggas bullshit
Who you try and push bitch?
Booyaka, full clip, done dada  
You no test me shabarank imposter
You no want drama I'm prepared for num
I'm a....

You in a headlock
Tie your family up like a dreadlock
Gong niggas like Junior Marley when the lead drop
Eat em like a meal while the fed watch
You married the streets
I just fucked it out of wedlock
Throw a rip on ya, rasta I should warn ya
They dont all love ya
Push needles in the eye balls
Of a little doll of ya
Blind ya, align ya
Bredrin with murder for hire
Serve ya supplier
Pill poppin' and coke snortin
We kill for fun, till we come for your fortune
Bad Boys, Bad Boys, what you gone do
When them killers come for you


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