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Horse Shoe G.A.N.G. Interview w/ CPG Radio (11/03/09)

Quote:As everyone knows, The Horse Shoe G.A.N.G. dropped their monumental debut album this week through digital retailers. CPG Radio helped to celebrate the release with an exclusive live interview with the four-headed monster.

That's right everyone, The Circle of Bosses has taken over CPG Radio this week with three in-depth interviews. While the first show focused on The Prime Minister of Watts Sauce The Boss, the latest second installment comes from The U-Gang. The group explains everything from their origins in the Hip Hop game to the release of their album Gangsta MC. Fans had their chance to interact with the group not only through the chat room, but the phone lines as well. It was definitely a great conversation and of course the group could not end the night without dropping exclusive acapellas. Make certain that you check out the recording of this two hour broadcast by using the link included below.

CPG Radio will end their C.O.B. Week feature on Wednesday night with an exclusive interview from super-producer Jim Gittum. Make certain that you tune into that show at 11:00PM CST as you will not be disappointed. In the mean time, please keep it locked to The B.O.S.S. Board for further C.O.B. related updates.

if any of you guys missed this, definitely check it out. it's a really good interview
How come Crooked wasn't on 1?
Anybody got an mp3 link to the freestyle they did on this show?...its the only Horse Shoe Gang rap that i dont have...Thanks

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