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horse shoe gang- you dont wanna fuck with me
damn I swear Capone went apeshit w/ those multis... it's like these dudes got their own brand of MCing like none other when it comes to technique.. on every level (metaphors, punchlines, bar structure, u name it.. etc.). I seriously think the U-gang should be next in line for the Shady roster.. #Real talk!    

p.s.  Now that SH has already done a colabo with another entire crew, it only gives us more solid ground to vouch for a SH/HS onslaught!
tha beretta wet a competers sweata up
neva fuck wit a predator, niggas betta hide

better duck never mind, im a decipticon
and megatron'll find niggas everytime

i eat competetors wit every rhymes
cause i read his mind
and served ya freestyle ahead of time

before tha nigga eva set a line
then i infrared his mind
i dot niggas like tha letter I

see yall on that feminine shit
im that nigga on that criminal shit
bitch niggas will flinch

my spit is ridiculous

sicker than syphilius

slip in a clip and im rippin ya ligament quicker than lickety split

this menace, and venomous nigga wit infamous since tha beginning of genesis

killin niggas wit sentences

tha wickedest lyricist on tha premisis

wit villianous flow, even killin innocent witnesses

if u a cop im killin ya

from any block nigga from here to loxinya
im sendin ya shots get rid of tha opposition
when im grippin tha glock get rid of the competetion
i liten to ambitions of a rider, then tha spirit of pac eneter me
then i got to hit em up
i dont give a fuck
u not familair
wit tha mafia my niggas la famialia

PROLLY NOT 100% but Capone went ham on this bitch

LOL I posted the full lyrics on here last year ya'll..^^^Here's the link

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