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Crooked I - Guns R Us
Artist: Crooked I
Song: Guns R Us
Produced by: Dr.Dre
Appears on: Young Boss
Typed by:Novakane

Intro: Crooked I

It’s 12 midnight on the Eastside of Long Beach
The sky is dark blue, two youngsters are walkin’ down the street
Both wearin’ dark color clothing, a green car pulls up
Four door Sedan, shots fire from the passenger side window
The car speeds of, the pedestrians lay
One with several shots to the neck and chest area
The other with multiple gun wounds to the back
Both dead **flatline**

Verse 1: Crooked I

Gun laws gettin’ stiffed they wanna keep them heats off of us
Still we pack guns like we some police officers
Young G’s walkin’ when they seen the green Automat
Shots fired, the coroner team keeps chalkin’ us
Caught a gun case cause the block was too hot
The judge told me the same thing he said to Tupac
Not to roll with my glock so now I got a throwaway
No serial number, lookin’ for enemies to blow away 
So go away, murders here for a day
If you strapped, so are they
Niggas’ll hit you with that chrome torch with no remorse
Cause America taught us to win wars with force, nigga
Air Force, Police Force, noticed to work for us
We good students of course
And if life was your wife, you’re now divorced
Cause you’re dead, travelin’ on that four Horsemen’s course
Man I think we all tainted
I seen a nigga dead in front of the liquor store
Now that’s the realest picture painted
His mama walks up, lift the sheet up and fainted
Pretty fucked up ain't it
In my city it ain't nothin’ but crooks
How fairy truck in the book, renegades even the government shook
When we burn this bitch down
Peep how many mo’fuckas it took
Them suckas can do nothin’ other than look
It’s power in numbers
First OG’s get down with the Youngsters
Let’s get rid of all these cowards amongst us
Then pile up the hustlas
Put our mind power together and make ‘em bow down
Nigga now what can touch us, nothing
Just a sample of how we do things
Still got the 9 tucked in the Evisu jeans, I mean…

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