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Horse Shoe Gang- Go Hard Lyrics
Go Hard Freestyle Lyrics

Yeah everbody go get Gangsta MC
Horse Shoe Gang! Rhapsody, Zune, Itunes, all that.
Yea. We back.

We back like we left shit, back on that west shit, smash to the death shit. Yep you know this. Whoever the best is, then we robbin son for his title, like Nate on some dunk contest shit. Yea we bogart and we don't fuckin plan to quit. Y'all comedians and faggots go suck an Andy Dick. Yea I'm that nigga who ridin with my top back, dippin through, hands not at ten and two. Your time at the top is not consistent, your time has intervals, slide past nigga you know thats your clocks last tick is due. Better watch that sand in your hour glass, cause your top half is slipping through. I take your props and bitches too, guap and critical acclaim, fuck the fame, Fames are overrated bitch. Like Jennifer Anniston these niggas can have your bitch cause Luci, he just not that into you.

I send your clique a message via shots from me to you. Fuck a clinic I'm sick and untreatable. Unbeatable, got problems come see the U. Nigga we animals with bars, fuck it we the zoo. Fuck the status, large ship sink by tiny leaks, you don't want a stand off, find a seat. You should call me your highness every single time we speak. Try me your probably sleep, and lying beneath the briney deep. I'll let you find out if there is a life after, I'm squeezing the pump in your mouth like you got slight asthma. Nigga I'm hard at all times minus the viagra, she said she can't go down too far because I might gag her. Yo I'm sick of doing me I give a damn if you agree, like a bitch with no ass you can't fuck with me. Don't get to thinking that you can see me because your viewing me, I let off and watch the crowd scatter cause it humors me. I bogart.

We bogart, I said Horse Shoe Gang we bogart. I said ah ah ah we bogart, I said circle gang we bogart. I said blat blat blat we bogart, I said bang bang gang we bogart. Whole squad tote rods you wanna ride no prob.

Nigga this is going in. When I say that the shoes got chrome on them I don't mean that we are sittin on them rims. Nigga this is going in. Any court case we get we gonna win cause the witness won't attend. Blaou, When burners blast bitch choose urn or casket, cause I raise up heat on some thermostat shit. Squeeze my trigger make a nigga turn and backflip, judge wanna get me cause I'm on this murder rap shit. Thoughts so cold I should have a numb brain, but inside my head there aint one I aint umm... sane. As far as cake goes I can't complain, swag different from the norm yo I can't come plain. I bag bitches, put em in those sacks with zippers, yea my actions differ when massive liquer attacks my liver. Nigga yea I'm cold enough to make a cadaver shiver, my shots will follow you even if you don't have a twitter.

Hey yo, I go hard, sending my foes to the ghost yard, for those that don't know I'm so-o-o hard. Hey we foul players so say that we bogart. Rhianna is so hot, that's why I'm so hard. Like I'm thinking of Rhianna on stage with some kind of piranha flow, shots from the llama gon' say Geronimo. I water board haters like Guantanamo Bay, you smell me like Gabbana(&) Dolche. Wait I'm cocky when going in, this is rape, cause you can't stop me from going in. Blow a hole in your colon, my flow is unholy sin. Kill you twice just in case you a christian that's born again. I'm lyrically Mozart, I lyrically throw darts, that's how I get my point across, or point a crossbow at your heart. So far I bogart the industry. From Venice Beach to Tennesse, every spitter's the enemy.

Chorus again.

Sorry I didn't put it in bar form, was too lazy.
Nice work my man ... Keep 'em comin' ! Finally some hsg shit on here ...
Thanx man. I felt kinda obliged since they didn't have anything in their lyrics section. I'll try to do more once I get the time to. COB!
(03-19-2010, 01:54 PM)©olumbus(O)hio(B)oy link Wrote:Thanx man. I felt kinda obliged since they didn't have anything in their lyrics section. I'll try to do more once I get the time to. COB!

Appreciate that!
mind if i put up 4-headed monster? or is that too old...
(03-21-2010, 10:41 PM)Jerm link Wrote:mind if i put up 4-headed monster? or is that too old...

do it! why would it matter if it was old or not?
Hey homie, dont matter old or new
Dope is dope !!

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