Poll: Who had the best verse on Pimp shit?
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Kenny Siegal (verse 1)
4 30.77%
Julius Luciano (verse 2)
5 38.46%
Demitrius Capone (verse 3)
3 23.08%
Dice Dinero (verse 4)
1 7.69%
1known (verse 5)
0 0%
Total 13 vote(s) 100%
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Pimp Shit(album version) lyrics
Hook (Luciano):
I got ma mind right,plus ma guap right,
we keep our grind tight,lovin this COB life,
pull up at the stoplight,
get at dem broads like..AY!,
u wanna ride right?,
I know u wanna ride right.
Cuz Im on pimp shit Today!,
yea im on ma Pimp shit today!,
yea im on ma Pimp shit today!,
yea im on ma Pimp shit today!,pimp shit today.

Kenny Siegel:

Ay yo ma mind's on grip you can bet that,
but off in another nigga's bitch is where ma head's at,
see Kenny fly like a nigga wit a jetpack,
Treat sluts like blunts I hit it then pass it to the next cat.
Though ma palm get scrathed,they itchy,
peel off the flyest bitch's vickys,
Im dickin chickens, and stickin skippys,
the game I give these tricks be strictly,
sick see then they blow me like some Mickey Thickey Sticky Icky.
I hit these bitches like Im abusive,
then they become a noose, and wanna hang and they become a nuisance,
so I become elusive,
and I began recruitin,
different chickens for the coupe(coup) and pigeons for the roof...less.
like "pss" miss,"shh" sit, now quick strip,
and me not  bagging dimes is asinine,
how Im suppose to fuck wit you if yo ass a nine?


Julius Luciano:

Now I stick to the pimpin unwritten rules,
after I K.O the twat I'm ghost stick n move,
when bitches holla shit like 'gimme shoes!",
I tell'em you can hit the bricks or you can get this jimmy..choose.
Dames I had ma fair amount,
dont care to count some was married yea ma pimpin is paramount,
gimme a pair of mouths.
I bet Im there receivin,
two fluzzies,
tag teamin,
ma nether region.
Listen, Im different Im re-inventing this Pimpin shit,
Pimpin is me expressing Chips Over Bitches(C.O.B) sentiments,
I aint the nickel slick,
solicitin nigga wit, a group of ignorant chicks,
on the strip, convincing men to trick.
Nah I mack with swagger,
do the math my swag's a factor,
you plus me, add your friend Amanda,
subtract pajamas, it equals a pornographic tandem,
grab the panoramic camera, and have a massive ass slappin extravaganza.


Demetrius Capone :

I got ma mind RIGHT,got ma mind BLOWN,
from a dime pimpin in different time zones.
listen Im on ma DIDDY,
listen I own ma CITY,
bitches they on me strictly cuz Im on ma GRIZZLY.
listen, Im hittin nigga's wives,
I live a different life Im Mr.Fly You missed the flight,
I'ma different type.
when I spit this shit,
Im convincin bitches Im Mr.Right,
Im pimpin like,
this pimpin bizness finna end tonight.
And I aint marryin women,
I have'em carryin high notes, reminiscent of Carrier pigeons,
dickin bitches wit ma chain on, bitch dont stare at ma glisten,
cuz listen the glare is impairing your vision.
YEA! I tell her blow on,
this dick and go home,
choke on the dick cuz its so long,
then so long.
hold up, hold on,women wanting romance,
you know what its no chance,
this nigga never slow dance, or hold hands.

I think they all killed it to be honest, it was a sure winner as a single.

Kenny definitely opened the track perfectly, but there's something about Luciano's verse that stands out for me.
Yea you can't go wrong with any verse except 1known..lol
(03-22-2010, 04:23 PM)malcd3 link Wrote:Im Mr.Fly Your Mr.Flight, I'ma different type.

I've thought that he said "i'm mr. fly, you messed the flight, imma different type" lol
"i'm mr. fly, you missed the flight"
haha yea dat makes more sense..lol
Im changin it
Im working on "you dont wanna fuck wit me" right now..
im sure its your mr flight, as in hes always off somewhere on business while capone is "fly" with that guys wifey

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