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Cut You Loose-Iceman feat HorseShoe G.A.N.G(lyrics)
Yo, You aint fuckin wit me when Im wit the HorseShoe Gang,
Cuz its hard for ya mind to wrap around our bars like we in a horseshoe Game,
Im at the roundtable, you aint in the kitchen yet,
you been wack from the jump, but now you just skippin' steps.
See, Im sick I need a throat doctor.
ma rhymes is top of the line like a rope walker,
fuck a gun, ma head is a better tool,
cuz Im rollin wit the COB and we far from edible.
No medical,
got my mind in fuck it mode,
I guess its time to cut myself ,loose though,
pull ma head out the nosse slow,
I aint tightin ma shoe though,
but Im walkin thru life lookin for loopholes.
I got soul(sole), guess you can call it the shoe flow,
I do it for the love pull it on ma tombstone,
Im the best that ma city's ever seen!,
now Im in L.A fuckin wit the best on the SCENE!

Demitrius Capone:
My hot spit'll,
put you in a hospital,
Im not hospitable,
Im hostile,I chop you, when I spit at you.
Killa syllables rock interviews.
Armed like Dr.Octavious,choppa,chop liver you.
The glock,
sendin them shots
at mocks,
then it drop innocent cops,
leave you dizzy when shots spinnin you.
Im rakim & 2,pac when I rock the top 10 of you,
rappers are not identical.

Dice Dinero:
Ya'll waste,ya'll trash,Im'a call sanitation,
half man half amazing,
I walk and have the planet quakin,
they panic when this bandit,
come like(???),
cuz they know I draw like the art of animation.
any contestant,contestin,
??? texttin
leave a message of intestines in seconds,
ma meat cleaver will leave a nigga's limbs separate,
in sections when vexed,I slit necks,and grip techs.

Julius Luciano:
Nigga this is headphone MUSIC,
this aint a dance song but if I shot at ya shoes ya legs gon move BITCH,(RUN!),
or get ya head blown STUPID,
Ma flow hard as ma dick,the track is like a redbone's Coochie,
dat means ma flow goes IN!,
on the beat you'll get ate,I dnt mean Ocho's kin,
to keep up wit me you got a long road
Im Chris Brown's post break up so COLD!

Kenny Siegal:
Ya'll not seein like ya'll vision is blurred,
ya'll bar buyers but not the counter where liquor is served,
got other niggas spittin ya words,
Im givin'em birth,
I give'em life like a judge but each sentence is worst,(THEY DEATH!)
i let a few shots sizzle ya nerves,
and go in cells like prisoners,
you get me perturbed,
Kenny'll murk,
many in (earth),
any (up surd)
plenty of idiots,like clamidia,ma spit'll burn (pricks!)

Need help on a couple of Siegel's lines (as usual)

you're a machine.
HAHA....Ima try to do at least one a day....Im tryna get my rank up let me know if you got any request..
(03-23-2010, 05:20 PM)malcd3 link Wrote:HAHA....Ima try to do at least one a day....Im tryna get my rank up let me know if you got any request..

Good stuff, we appreciate that!
fan-bloody-tastic! ur on a huge roll
I'll be finished with "spit that shit" by tommorrow
Amazing work my dude ....
Just tht I think in dice's verse, when he was saying contesting .... I think he was also saying something like "In the intestine ...." ... but really not sure bout it tho ....

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