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Discussion thread: Crooked I - "Hood Star" (June 15th)-Leaked


[Image: hoodstar.jpg]

Press Release -

Quote:On June 15th, 2010 WIDEawake Entertainment Group Inc/Death Row Records will be releasing the long-awaited debut solo record from west coast's very own Crooked I, titled Hood Star. With the release of this long-overdue project, fans of the Death Row dynasty will finally be able to hear the historical unreleased music Crooked I recorded while on the powerhouse label.  Through 15 unreleased tracks, featuring production from Big Hutch aka Cold 187um from the legendary rap group Above The Law and Darren Vegas, long-time fans of the emcee will now have a proper release to finally call their own.

As a former inmate on Death Row Records, Crooked I has had a budding career and has appeared on soundtracks such as Too Gangsta For Radio and Dysfunktional Family, Tha Dogg Pound's 2002, Ja Rule's The Last Temptation and 2Pac's Nu-Mixx Klazzics.

Powered recently by his critically praised Hip-Hop Weekly series, Crooked I has become something of an internet sensation, garnering a significant following for the Long Beach native.  As the front man for the newly aligned hip-hop super-group, Slaughterhouse - who recently signed with Eminem's Shady Records -- the desire for a solo Crooked I record has never been more evident.

As WIDEawake Entertainment Group Inc President,  John Payne stated: "The WIDEawake Entertainment Group is pleased to be able to share more gems from the Death Row vault. Once again we are able to find some great music.  The good thing about the Hood Star album is its ability to stand the test of time, even after years hidden away. We are happy that the fans will get to have a chance to enjoy this Crooked I material. There is a chance it could have sat in the archive and never been released. This is another good example of the Death Row legacy.  As always, we will continue to maintain the legacy with unaltered hits from the Death Row vaults."

This highly-anticipated album features guest appearances by Kurupt, Too Short, Ray J, Juvenile, Eastwood, Danny Boy, Sisqo, Spider, K-Ci and more. Hood Star's eye-catching artwork has also garnered attention on its own for adding a fresh new twist to the monumental release, noted as being the most socially conscious packaging yet from the Death Row Records catalog.

Hood Star will be available everywhere on June 15th.

Track List & Information:

Quote:01. Intro
02. So Crooked
03. Lil Youngstaz (feat. Eastwood, Spider & Ray J.)
04. Fuck Em (feat. Big Hutch)
05. Haters
06. Live At The Row
07. Fuck Wit U (feat. Gail Gotti)
08. Go Hard
09. West Coast (feat. Kurupt & Eastwood)
10. House Party (feat. Eastwood & Ray J.)
11. So Damn Hood Remix (feat. Juvenile & Sisqo)
12. Bitch (feat. Too Short, Eastwood & Virgiya Slim)
13. Cali Luv III
14. Hood Star (feat. Tamara Savage)
15. Me And My Dogg (feat. Eastwood, Ganxta Ridd, K-Ci & Danny Boy)
16. Ghetto Love (feat. Gangsta Girl & Kurupt) iTunes Exclusive Bonus

Producers : Big Hutch & Darren Vegas

Mastered by : Chris Doremus
Engineer : Kasey Burdick
Project Manager : Sonya Pead
Design & Graphics : Jonathan Hay, Sabrina Hale

--- --- ---

Original Post...

i was on earlier this morning, n i came accross their new "rap release dates" update for 3/30.  crooked i also happened to be under "additional release dates announced during the past week:" along w/ other artists.  so i was naturally expecting the lp title to read MDS, however, this is what appeared..  Crooked I – Hood Star [June 15]
i know hiphopdx might not be the most reliable source, but they do keep updating their info, so maybe it might just be a minor error, or maybe something we don't really know about yet... anyone else here have any further info?  Either way, hopefully 6/15 is actually a sought after release date, as that still gives enough time for proper promo, singles, adjustments, etc.. plus crooked can FINALLY have an lp out. 
might be an album or they might have made a mistake who knows! lol
I haven't heard about a change of album title, but perhaps that is a planned project from Wide Awake / Death Row. It was RUMORED that he struck a deal with them. I didn't hear that from a reliable source. However, if you consider the name "Hood Star" (being a previously unreleased single) it makes sense.

I'm sure we'll find out soon.
Yeah, I found out that this project is not from Crooked I's camp, this must be Wide Awake's Crooked I album.

I'll have more information soon.
this sucks dick. they should let him put out his own solo album first.
(03-30-2010, 01:13 PM)DJ Henny link Wrote:this sucks dick. they should let him put out his own solo album first.

I disagree with you on that. When Crooked left Death Row, he was well aware that he didn't own the material and they could do with what they wanted.

Regardless, I am VERY excited to see this released. I hope no one complains about the release, after all the begging, pleading, and asking for Crookeds music to be released. I don't give a shit who releases it, as long as the music is good thats all I care about.

If u guys are worried about Crooked not getting money for the record, don't worry, it probably won't sell very much anyway and is sure to be heavily-bootlegged. Plus, Crooked got advanced enough money by DR when he was with them, and he never sold one album. Record companies have a right to recoup I suppose and do what they want with the songs.
excited about this. cant wait!
(03-30-2010, 07:06 PM)cymba link Wrote:[quote author=DJ Henny link=topic=3564.msg270256#msg270256 date=1269972800]
this sucks dick. they should let him put out his own solo album first.

I disagree with you on that. When Crooked left Death Row, he was well aware that he didn't own the material and they could do with what they wanted.


Death Row could have released it, but Crooked would have still gotten a check.

He still owned his publishing even when he left Death Row (at least while Suge owned it). Not sure what happened after the collapse of the label.
is this a album or a song!!~! weres the info!!!
(03-31-2010, 01:06 AM)beagle link Wrote:is this a album or a song!!~! weres the info!!!

Believe me, I've contacted everyone there is to contact about this...

I'm just waiting on responses from Wide Awake / Death Row to confirm. As soon as I hear something I'm going to do an update.

This is an album, as it was released under the album release dates. If you want my guess, it's going to basically be "Say Hi To The Bad Guy" with the titled changed to reflect Crooked I's "Hood Star" song from Death Row.

You should be able to find Hood Star on YouTube. If you recall, Wide Awake released it last summer when they launched their label.

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