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HorseShoe G.A.N.G-Spit That Shit Lyrics
Sorry I took so long fam..but here they are help me out I fucked somewhere as

Ima spit that shit,spit that shit,spit that shit(we dont give a fuck nigga)
spit that shit,spit that shit,spit that shit,(eat a nigga up nigga)
spit that shit,spit that shit,spit that shit(leave a nigga stuck nigga)
spit that shit,spit that shit,spit that shit(we dont give a fuck nigga)

I drink adrenaline,
Kill em when ma inkpen
is leakin synonyms,
inkin what Im,thinkin,
I'm blinkin menacing,
energy get to swimming in ma dream sentences(????)
killa in a TRANCE yea the demons enter him,
lyrically nigga you betta believe I'm iller,
and I kill a nigga wit ease,
IM creepin,
like a thief in the evening,
reminiscent of Jesus,
rip a nigga to pieces,
eat any MC for dinner and,
give'em the middle finger ma English synonym,
to the brink of extinction,
I swing then I begin to lean ya,
That means I sink ya dental in,
feen this,
lyrical genius
squeamish women and,
gentleman need to flee,
the scene cuz I'm skeetin demon semen,
that means the villain is coming evil DAMN I NEED SOME RITALIN!
Before you fuck wit a nigga,
you & ya dumb fucks should remember,
you'd rather get stuck,
by a bus,
doin a buck
when it hit ya,
picture,a mixture of Attila the Hun & Hitler,
still on the run but its the,
young villians that's coming to get ya,
I'm 2pac & Mike cuz I'm thug and I'm reala,
if mixed it up Ima thriller plus Ima killa.


Nigga Ima a lyrical GIANT,
consider me a Internet VIRUS,
put a end to all the pitiful RHYMIN,
number 1 like Krs,nigga you a digit behind it,
speakin of which I'm CRIMINAL MINDED,
I headed to the top any ladder I'd be willin to climb it,
switchin the climate,
temperature RISIN,
That means it gets hot,Ima shine till ya vision is BLINDED,
you can begin to visualize it.
Sinister Type,when I got to destroy,
move wit a master fleet,
and no I aint tryna keep
up with the Jones! I move at a faster speed
in fact I'm like the cat who beat ROY,
yea catz can coy(??)
ask for me boy?!
.I'm soldier born,
couldve been in the Trojan War,
couldve of stop the Trojan War
long before it got to reach Troy.
The drama could pop if I say so,
I'm only in the rest of this fillin ma pockets wit papes doe,
make those pesos,
anyone of you tryna stop me from clockin ma BANKROLL,
you get pop,I'm chop ya tomato,
turn ya face to pasta,ya noggin to PREGO,
put holes in you guys like a bagels,??????? nigga HASTA LUEGO!


Ima cold son of a gun,
thats why I call my gun pops,
ma gun POP
1 in ya lungs,
no crew under the sun,
can flow and spit better,ya click betta run or get DONE

Ima cold son of a bitch,
gun on the hip,
I rip it until its done in the clip,
Ima sonin ya spit,
you spittin at ma son,and ma young is the minutes you tongin ya chick!(which one of you pricks)
wanna test CAPONE?!
I'm best left ALONE,
when I possess the CHROME,
in a second ya chest get blown,
to bits
quicker then lick-a-split,
never leave ya vest AT HOME,
I! rip ya niggas into sections,
quick draw wit the smif-n-wesson,
nigga just quit the shit talkin & disrespecting!

I'm ILL,I masticate tracks man,
cant match me you dont have the same PASSION,
you aint skilled! be real wit yaself,quit feelin yaself in a masterbate FASHION.
You rather take bags and lay plastic,
you dont wanna cross ma path,A STRAIGHT SAVAGE!,
waste bad as fast,face facts ya TRASH,wastebasket ass,rappers straight GABAGE!

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