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Official Crooked I "Planet COB Vol 1" EP Thread
Official Crooked I "Digital EP" Discussion Thread

Last Updated: 09/13/10

[Image: planet_cob_ep_cover.jpg]


Quote:Recently, Crooked I shocked the Hip Hop world by relaunching his classic Hip Hop Weekly series. Now, the Boss of the West has officially claimed the summer as his own with the release of his brand new project.

After months of anticipation, Crooked I's Planet COB Vol. 1 is now available and we can safely say that it was worth the wait. The six track project, which features fully original production, is the perfect balance of Crooked I's diverse rhyme style and innovative content. The EP undeniably serves as the soundtrack to the summer and will undoubtedly elevate the COB brand to new heights. We encourage everyone to support the Circle of Bosses movement by making a purchase immediately.

Fans can preview the project by downloading a copy of Crooked I's Let Me Buy You A Drink  using the link included below. If you enjoy Crooked I's new project, we encourage everyone to show additional support by picking up an exclusive "#OKBye" t-shirt through Planet COB. Until then, keep it locked to The B.O.S.S. Board for further updates.

Track List

1. Thinkin Out Loud
2. Independent (Produced by Rick Rock)
3. Can I Talk To U Pt. 2 (Produced by Grinch)
4. Let Me Buy U A Drink feat. Vaugn Anthony (Produced by Tabu)
5. Music Is My Life feat. Brian Rivers (Produced by Komplex)
6. Everythang (Produced by Dirty Dunnz)
7. Gangstas Cry feat. K-Young (Produced by Jim Gittum) [Bonus]


Let Me Buy You A Drink:
Gracie was alluding to this release a couple months back, very interesting.
good news..
coming soon! hmmmm
it would be great if we got a title...then cover, tracklist and finally the product and hopefully no fuckin push backs like the pigface...
(04-25-2010, 01:55 PM)DALJ link Wrote:coming soon! hmmmm

LOL I said the same thing....
wats an ep?album??
Very good news!
LOL i call BS. announced for soon, release in december.

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