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COB Fitted Cap
What's good everyone?

The COB crew was in the studio last night and Iceman posted this picture.

I'd definitely pick up one of those!

[Image: 2enn4tz.jpg]
I want one! ;D I wear fitteds daily.
man that is dope as shit.
i hope that´s an starter cap i hate those new era shited caps...but if that´s an new era then i gotta cop a cob hat.
thats a nice ass cap, crooked should start selling clothes in
Definetly would want that hat, hopefully its available to buy before to long
I have a feeling we should see these on the net soon. That gold sticker on the brim looks like a New Era sticker. Normally New Era does not make customs unless its a pretty decent sized order. ( I have looked into custom hats with them before and was not willing to order the minimum amount of hats just to have my one customized) The other possibility is that they bought a blank New Era hat and then had a specialist embroider the logo on there. Hopefully scenario one though so we can all get these lol.

I want COB clothing ASAP
yes sir! if only not from gracie!
bring these out to AZ Sept 25th...I'll cop it....specialy if yall got dem deep black joints....word...KVIII

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