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Iceman Performance @ "Frank's Place" In Fresno, CA (06/30/10)

Quote:Last month Iceman of the Circle of Bosses joined several members of his 559 family on stage at The Hub in Fresno, California. In a few weeks, fans will be able to witness yet another epic performance from this multi-talented artist.

On June 30th, Iceman will be performing on stage at Frank's Place in Fresno, California. The Selma representative will also be joined on stage by the extremely talented Zion I and Grafik Ruffin. Fans of all ages are welcome to attend the show and tickets are now available for pre-sale at an affordable price of ten dollars. If you are interested in attending the performance, please check out the link included below for further information.

Make certain to visit our music archive to check out songs from Iceman. In the mean time, please follow Iceman on Twitter and stay tuned to The B.O.S.S. Board for further updates.


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