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Request : Crooked I - Cali Boyz LYRICS
I google it but i don't find it Sad
I would like to know the chorus, of which I understood only: If you see the cali boyz maybe go so .. ?
Anticipated Thanks Big Grin.

ugh, my bad i didnt see thsi was in the lyrics section... man i have made that mistake too many times.

No problem, i'm downloading the song now Smile cuz i don't have it in my pc Smile
It's ok !
But i need the lyrics, are soooo amaazing Big Grin
That's the reason

EDIT : Do you know a radio that broadcast especially Crooked I's songs ?

''when you see them Cali boys, baby bring them bottles out (go)
we bring them tonka toys, Ben's and impala's out (go)
we in the club deep, time to bring them dollars out (go)
you already know, money hoes and clothes that's what we about

they call me young boss homie, and I'm here to get the cheese
I'm going hard on that wrist, nothing under 50 G's

not too sure about radio broadcasts but isn't their a website that streams artists tracks?

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