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Just an update the two song searching features will be finished tomorrow.

Both of them are temporarily up while I test and work on them, there's a bunch of bugs, but expect it to be all sorted out in the next 24 hours. Just bare with me in the mean time.
Just an update...

I disabled the feature temporarily, I am still working on it, should be another day or two, there's a couple bugs that need to be worked out and I'm going to clean it all up before it goes live again.

Should be up and running before the weeks end.

I'll make another post tomorrow with an update.
Just wanted to let you know, I didn't forget about this feature.

I'm still working on it, my schedule is just very demanding right now.

It's still in progress, just a couple bugs I'm working out that were unexpected.

It should be up shortly, definitely a great idea and it lead to me discovering a few other bugs in the system.

Stay tuned!

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