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Mykrofone Murdah feat. Horseshoe G.A.N.G. - Lyrics
Mycrofone Murdah Lyrics

[Demetrius Capone]
Ayo, let me get beside me, kinda like a Siamese
Get beside me twice, now I’m me times three
Pac is the best rapper alive cuz I’m he
He lives inside me, we finna ride deep
This is venomous King Kong gorilla spit, Cling-on lyricist that chop ya ta chop liver this
Monstrous sized killer, or pillaging, squash villages, swimming in Lake Loch Ness
I’m on some Godzilla shit, my cerebrals a cathedral
I think of unspeakable evil, Ill even beat you speaking in Hebrew
Like “Ahk lakum coou kanuuh,” that rapper who mangles
In any language he speaks beating is feeble
Believe you me you don’t know who u fuckin wit
Sign you to my label and then rape you for the fuck of it
Take a hundred percent of ur publishin
You cant pay your baby mothers rent the minute you sign in ??government??

[Kenny Siegal]
The killing’ll come, before the coffin sees the nail
Niggas wana jump in a boat, cuz they need to sail (sell)
If I say drop your jewels on my heater yell
Bet eyes just start dropping at the speed of hail
Yea I’ll take ur breath away, meaning I’ll leave a man breathless
Never to inhale, have him in hell restin
I still ink dope ideas, though my mind is lost
On sheets I chronically chronic on my chronic thoughts
Yeah heart actin but you’re past the saving
Yall the type to scribble your application on the affidavit
Don’t let me find out where your lady live
Or run up in your baby crib, point some guns up in your baby crib
Yall starin at death live in the flesh
Grim reaper spit heater shots’ll dive in your neck
But, fuck bullets, my knuckles fly quicker, bet
I’ll leave a fist-print in your back if I hit your chest

[Julius Luciano]
My clique redrum yeah, sick headhunter
Spit lead from my Bic, head busta when
Their others get, fast supper, in-
Stead of us, they can get fast slugged
And him, dead plus your friends dead fucka
Them cats touches him, cant son us, he tried to play the father role
And we played Menedez brothers, cmon son, I been fresh since Ed Lover
Hosting rap shows with Dre, yeah u pricks cant fuck us
Now, you’re ass on display, it’s a fact you niggas queer
Its no lames in my circles, no faggots in my sphere
Yeah, you softer than a pad in a brazier
Me, I should win an award for swagger of the year
Yeah, I’m spittin audible opium
You fuck with my nigga ‘Stro, I’ll send yo mom ??condoleneece??
Flat-line equals a heart beat stopping
Just like my rap lines equals a hard beat dying

Yeah its kid Kalishnakov, my moniker on the mar keepers an apocalypse
She get ominous when the bars seep
I been as prominent, I’m the opposite of monotonous
You philosophers get a slit esophagus
R-T-A-A on P, for you used to be ??
Get your medulla embalmed
Through this platoon I opportunist, I balloon for the squad
Shits lunar when I cahoots with the COB
Execution what I spew is therapeutic as psalm
Saluted through revolution, its retribution for ??ponch??
You gotta respect the tutelage, still in tune with the times
In two minutes I’m beyond you do-gooders
Nigga I’m a barracuda in a pond
I do this and still hop out the ??pewman buick and bomb??
You assuming I wouldn’t blew in June and July
You losing the undisputed pursuing the suicide
The sooner that you decide to put your shoe on the line
To prove it I’m doing time

any help with errors is greatly appreciated. thanks.
any additions/corrections that you guys know of?
Really good job once again! Please keep goin! Smile

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