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What Does Everyone think of the Juggalos and ICP?
Im not a fan but i just want to see what everyone else thinks
I don't like them lol
Did anyone hear what happened at the last festival with ICP the fans throwing bottles of piss, throwing shit (yes shit), and rocks and Tila Tequila Method Man got a bottle thrown off him aswell man fucking animals man no wonder theyre all outcasts fuckin animals and ICP is wack as fuck
fuckin loser ass clowns lmaooo
1-you guys have to realize Method Man insulted the crowd and was asking for it

2-general ICP fans get a bad wrap because of the 2% of idiots out there...there are actually classified GANGS of juggalo sets in the midwest. 

3-ICP did an amazing job at making the most off their careers without ever having the help of MTV or radioplay.  great ubsiness men...used to be good music makers but havent made anything worthwhile in YEARS

Twiztid on the other hand, those guys are legit emcees.
Why don't people hit ICP with bottles? TT>ICP
Complete and utter weirdo faggots

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