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Freddie Gibbs - The Future of Gangsta Rap - Here's Why
I think Freddie is the best new artist to surface in a very, very long time. Unfiltered, hardcore gangsta sh*t

but opinions are like assholes, every1 has one, right? well, take a look at this video and tell me i'm lying

Freddie Gibbs - The Ghetto

still not conviced, check out

Freddie Gibbs - National Anthem (F*ck the World)

heard of this guy before, just haven't given a chance.    any albums or street albums out?
Some great music from this guy.. havent heard from him before but I am enjoying the clips you posted...
freddie gibbs goes hard, very real dont talk shit and he can switch his flow up sick, makes some very nice smoke and ride tunes, he got 3 mixtapes there called Midwestgangstaboxframecadilac,  The Miseducation Of Freddie Gibbs,  Str8 Killa No Filla all are sick! him n crook shud jump on a track would be insane! CoB
He's good. I got Str8 Killa on my iPod.
Just became a freddie gibbs fan not too long ago. One of the best REAL gangsta rappers out! Got str8 killa no filla, str8 killa ep, midwestgangstaboxframecadillacmuzik, ain't got the miseducation of freddie gibbs yet and look forward to the devil's palace with alchemist and the baby-faced killa LP.
I've never checked for this dude. Both those songs are dope though. People need to check out J. Cole, he is my favorite MC right now, an absolutely phenomenal talent
here r the links to his 3 critically acclaimed mixtapes

The Miseducation Of Freddie Gibbs

Freddie Gibbs - midwestgangstaboxframecadillacmuzik

Freddie Gibbs - Str8 Killah No Fillah Mixtape

Freddie Gibbs - Str8 Killah EP
Ha I got all of those last night.
Thanks man. downloading nao

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