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Whats Eastwood Doing these days?
ive not heard any new materiel
He dropped a street single a couple months back on iTunes called...

"Get Her Sowed"

Recently dropped a track called...

"Turned Up"

Apparently he recorded that joint while he was in the studio with Snoop and Game. Nice to see him linking up with big name West Coast artists.

It's hard to keep up with East, but I know he's working on an album still, not sure what his label situation is anymore.

He launched this website a while back and then went quiet agian...

He's still making feature appearances and dropping exclusives on the low, but you really gotta look for them. I'll try to get you more info.
i see him post once in a blue moon  over at dubcc.

those nwo mixtapes  bang hard. 

He needs to do at least 40 tracks or an album with meech well, they go well togethere

Love me or leave me

Don't you forget

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