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Official Knoc-Turn'al "Knoc's Ville" Thread (Now Available)
(04-27-2011, 07:12 PM)EFFeX link Wrote:May 10th is the day guys, be on the look out for it through digital retailers.

Cool! Now if treacherous can finally figure out a release date for One-2's History & Destiny EP that would be cool too.
Snippets -
Don't forget - Knoc's Ville drops TOMORROW
All I need is the "I'm Back" track and i'll be satisfied. Haha
The album definitely has a West Coast sound to it, that's refreshing considering you have West Coast artists that drop music that sounds like it's straight out the South these days.

BTW: Nothing wrong with the south.
Yeah i listened to all the snippets and it seemed pretty good but i'm just not a big Knoc fan so i purchased "I'm Back" off iTunes and that's probably all that i will fully listen to. One-2 killed that song btw. Haha

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