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Light Up (HHW Reloaded Week 3)
Can't believe no one put this one up, smh

Is it my fault I go deeper than most you rappers can?
Send prayers to all the families in Pakistan
Let 'em build a mosque over by Ground Zero
Every Muslim in America does not support the Taliban

First off, I'm a political boss
Take Malcolm Little then cross him with my criminal thoughts, yeah
I done seen the houses niggas done bought
I'ma take it further, I'm about to go live in a vault, ahh
Yeah, living like a greedy vulture
Cut me deep enough and find some Afrocentric culture
All about peace when I approach ya
If the elephant in the room is beef, consider me the poacher
Yeah, this is for La Raza
Talking to revolutionaries in Swahili “Oru Wusasa”
Always keep a bad chick in mi casa
Shouts out to my homegirl Liassa
Naw, I'm not the dude you'd assume
I been here even before leaving my mothers womb
I also, been here for many moons
That's why my body's missing from my Egyptian tomb
Listen, what if Coretta Scott never buried her husband
What if there was never a need for Harriet Tubman
Prejudice is how some Americans function
Then the sheriff's come and lock me up for carrying guns in
Ever since we got a black President
They say racism is dead but where's the evidence
Sean Bell, Oscar Grant, what do they represent, huh?
My skin - is hated as its ever been
And since god made me black instead of white
I keep a burner like Turner, I mean Nat instead of Ike
Rappers can unite every race under the sun
Hand wrapped around the mic, homie I'm the one
Eastside, Long Beach, the son of Osiris
Dropped out of mystery school though my grades were the highest
They gone mention Crook in history, fool, maybe I'm biased
Cause he is I and I am your Highness
Bow down in the presence of a Pharaoh
Strike a peasant in the heart with a golden bow and arrow
.44 in the apparel, I will blow a barrel
Shake the Dice on the floor, oh, I'm taking your DeNiro
I used to eat peanut butter out the jar
Now it's peanut butter guts when my door's ajar -
In a gorgeous car, pull up the Porsche and park -
In the Beverly Hills Oyster Bar, the boy's a star

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