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Horse Shoe G.A.N.G. - Fuckin With C.O.B.
i did these up super quick and couldnt understand a few parts hence the (??)'s
this is also my first post on this board but i been a crooked i fan for close to 10 years n am a big fan of horse shoe gang as well

any help with (??)'s would be appreciated

[b]hey girl come n kick it with a nigga we can sip a little liquor if u tell me that ya head is crazy
n i aint talkin an insane mind my magnificence is every bit of ridiculous im jugglin chicks
toss two up at the same time i send a shiver through every inch of ur physical makin
sure u remember who delivered u that crazy shit i aint tryna lace ya wrist or pay ya rent
jus lay n make these chicks voices raise n hit [a higher octave] when i bend it n then enter em
[they sound high pitched] like im fillin em with helium [when i hopped in] i be healin em n killin em
this niggas like a dentist i be fillin em n drillin em [u cant top him] in the bed who better
chickens wanna hop off in the bed together ho instead u can go ahead put ya head
on my lower head we can put our heads together dont think it about it [just] be about it
[trust] me about it with no exaggeration. i meet a dime spit a few lines (??) like her imagination
because the pimpin that i hit em withs legitimate never simpin or slippin with no sentimental
sentiments act shy or innocent doesnt really make any sense even the stingiest women
give it up like they generous

do u wanna ride with the horse shoe crew? u aint gotta answer of course u do
when i spot broads n get em to drop drawls im takin they top off like a corkscrew do
me n my niggas got the block on smash im all the way turnt up like roscoe dash
all im givin these women is cock dont ask for my guap even tho a nigga got mo cash than the rest
yeah i know how to make a quick buck now im lookin for a bitch who wanna get fucked
imma let her sip on henny then dick suck then i gotta split the minute after i zip up
doubt ill be callin back n ya call it trife i call it mackin i mack every broad i can get im talkin
about robin thicke for paula patton so many women i be runnin my game on i upgrade
yall be fuckin the same hos check it my necklace n ratchet is similar to my dick my gun n
my chain long whos cold as d-i-c-e bitches call him ice when he drop the d
yall muthafuckas be payin these hos but me n my niggas be makin em p-pop for free

first of all my name is a pimp name slick back see that kitty cat im finna hit that
hit her with the mack get her in the sack get her in the lac get her in the back then im finna wax
now my chick finna hit that see my chick is a mack she get women ready n willin
to get hit from the back ima lick her [wait] then ima stick her [ay] she wanna sit on it
while the other one sit on my face  i got em takin off they clothes tell em whatever i say goes
she sweet as a pina colada latte i wanna menage a though with nicki n beyonce knows (knowles)
that im a pimp feelin me from here to little italy literally women tend to remember me
the minute we enter the vicinity the enemy finna be grillin me but the women is finna be diggin me
cuz they wanna begin the festivities that mean they wanna begin the sex trinity
i get em to surrender they innocence in a sense its them against me but see im still the winner g
see me with two holes like the number eight thats what i call a double date she beggin me to skeet
on them cheeks so im comin for that ass nigga wait im really that mothafucka that they wanna rape

all i really wanna do is get up in those drawls little momma u gotta let me hit those walls
ya legs were made to seperate like jim crow laws hit me up with a quick phone call
i get around sound like some pac shit i beat the twat down right then i split i be in n out of it
if u on that rihanna shit n wanna rude boy im down right obnoxious headed wherever the
freaks gon be im probably gonna bring the whole c.o.b. im the man of yo dreams all i wanna
do is cut fred kruger shit girl dont sleep on me im cold wit it nigga im so frigid when i spot hos
dig it ima cop those digits it dont really matter baby if ya (??) u can give me head ya jaw is
not broke is it just dont ask if i love ya cuz it wont last u wont get no cash all u get is dick chick
so get yo nympho ass in my car u dont wanna let a pimp roll past my chick so bad she got
tig ol bitties n a barge looty a big ol ass im just gon laugh yo girl aint gotta apple bottom u aint
gotta place to sit yo glass[b]
Capone was crazy lol
"Your legs were meant to seperate like jim crow laws"haha damn!!!lol capone, kenny and luci slaughtered this shit,they all slaughtered it tbh
fucking lyrical monsters man
Absolutely incredible lyricism
shame crook wasn't on this
utter rape

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