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Horse Shoe G.A.N.G. - Freak Wit Me
not really sure about the melyssa ford/kardashian part ...any help on (??)'s would be appreciated

[b]i got a noggin but aint no conscious in it tryna tell u that my mind is missin
my sick head like my dick head, it get nutty when i come in this bitch
but i dont bust without my dodger fitted yeah i give a broad the business
work that twat like a nine to five she gave me a raise but the blow job (??)
started from the bottom now im in the top position
a bunch of bitches callin now cuz the chips is tall as yao
i fuck her senseless i might have lauren london bridges fallin down
ballin now like them sac town kings my bitches ass astounding that round thing
to make a cat frown his face up when we see it thats how mean
when i say she got hand me down ass i mean she got her moms passed down jeans
when i say i put my mack down i dont mean i aint strapped now ima ass hound see
i need ass like trina or eve lips like angelina jolie u the baddest diva yo she can be
in a magazine thats on me if u fly i call back again tryna find me a kardashian
tryna get up in melyssa ford now do u really think i mean a kardashian (car dash)
i love brains i find a college chick no denyin im the flyest pimp
no lie im the kinda guy i get between mo thighs than a gynecologist

im chillin witta centerfolda she finna get a bit exposed
im finna end up in her chocha from here to minnesota
no other nigga spit it colda im venomous reminiscent of a killa cobra
women know i been a soldia i told ya im bendin tendas ova
in a tinted rova till they in a coma i get in em n then it be ova
they legs tremble on a nigga shoulda they be thinkin im willin to wife em
i be gentleman like but by the end of the night i hit em then i send em hikin
then they tell other women im triflin im pimpin like ken
u quick to like em i just wanna stick the pipe in
i dont give a shit if the bitch is strictly pigly or bitch is dykin
with a frickin liquor (lick her) license see im pimpin in the flesh
what i tell em will get em wet in they dress i been ahead of the rest
the trendsetta been ahead of the best i get a heterosexual chick
to get to lickin a lesbian lets begin throw the dick well cuz im extra slim
i got a dick u can consider an extra limb i gotta hit till she needs her second wind
she reminiscent of a cinnabun when i undress the twins
im finna cum on her breasts and then this chick finna caress it in
its so good now she wanna text her friends women know im sucker free
livin in the lap of luxury im a fly thug come n join the mile high club with me
if u fly u can fuck with me[b]

...but the blow job but listen
started from the bottom...

i think thats it lol everything is 100%

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