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Long Beach Meeting Lyrics
Long Beach Meeting - Horse Shoe G.A.N.G. feat. Dynamic Cerrtified & Karelezz

[Kenny Siegel]
Nigga my rhyming is atomic I can bomb you with a line or two
My mind sharp as katanas, my knowledge should be chronicle
I raise guns, lift rides like hydraulics do
I’ll make shots treat you like you a leader and follow you
I’ll play the cameraman, shoot –blam a man
Rearrange his F.A.C.E like an anagram
None of yall is equal, I’m raw when lethal
Its Kenny grip a semi desert eagle drawin Siegel
I’m pugnacious, snub raising, fuss hating
Nutcase and makin slugs race my strays’ll plug gays
And fuckfaces, fuck haters makin dumb statements
We should duct tape the fucks, place em a trunk to some lake and
Drop em in, for niggas who that thinkin they sick, the doctor’s in
We dudes should play like they bowlin and drop the pin
Getting eatin when my clips spray
Take one from my nines and get ate (eight)

[Julius Luciano]
I come from a place where gangstas is prevalent
Where sick niggas is indigenous to the genesis state that I represent
I’m raisin my weapon, blazing them K’s I’m aggressive
My aimin is excellent, with the .38 I’m a specialist
I’m aimin them thangs, land you acquainted with pain
Bathe in a lake full of flames, I’ll make Hades your residence
My radiant presence is amazing
Born in the 80s, been rapping ever since Reagan was president
Better believe me
Expectin greatness when I step in places, my reputation precedes me
Im a GMC (Gangsta M.C.) like a Yukon
Y’all aint G’s you cons like coupons
Cut it out, yeah, you not prepared face it
Blood stain ur fitted unless ur squad is wearing aprons
Shots is air raisin, when spray the two nines
Homie, I aint talkin bout them Rocawear phrases

[Demetrius Capone]
This is friendly fire, any rapper that didn’t retire
Is finna expire, old nigga killa for hire
Listen Im dickin a thick bitch, thicka then Tyra
Tryna untie her tubes, when Im dickin inside her
A rider, start drama in this bitch
If you a famous rapper, then ur momma is a bitch
Im tryna get dissed, so I cant spit that hardcore
Niggas got it backwards, but still its raw war
Im finna start finishing innocent lyricists
I’m finna start dissing, any niggas spittin’s my arch nemesis
I finna barge in and just rip niggas apart
The minute start spitting venomous darts it finna get dark in this bitch
See from ?Lawflin to Slawson? I off em
And start COB walkin on his coffin
Caution, you aint know my black heart can darken
Sell your body parts on a black market auction

[Dice Dinero]
I’m offin u niggas with the semi or go brap with the ?meme?
Mac that’ll put your face in your lap in fact
I’ma give niggas the big news for mouthin off
When I draw around the ??spot??
The body’ll drop, around with chalk
I spit with the foulest talk, Im from COB so crown a boss
You cocksuckas, I’ma block hugga
And for the haters I’m a glock clutcha
With two clips for you muhfuckas
Bullets’ll rip through you blood suckas
You fuckin leeches, I got an uppercut that’ll mangle your facial features
And put you in a sleepa
Rock you unconscious, I told you I’ma mufuckin monsta
A beast, a bit off the leash, that’ll turn into the body snatcha
When the glock spit its me throwin shells from the nine ratchet
Both shots will collapse ya, the ??end beam?? will chop u in two
This rap a spew is so sick, when I spit you’d think it’s the flu

[Pac 10 of Dynamic Certified]
You witnessing a rise of a lycan, the incisors inside of my bite
Is the might of Mike Tyson with the ??Vanderos?? fightin
And my slanderous writing slay my prey by the way of the Vikings
Vicarious lyrics is murderous, my rhymes is indicting
Combustible compound sounds, I cant help but ignite and
Flow so wet, when I spit you can make me a ??
Flow so cold, you could almost make me a diamond
Niggas see sirens when I’m waving my jewelry behind em
Somebody better find em, sit him down asylum
I’m the biggest thing in LA since Andrew Bynum
Insultin, a beast with a pen
And a feast on the men I deceased from my phlegm
I’m the crème de la crème, cuz cream of the crop
P97 ruger glock, beam on the top
Get your beanstalk chopped for fuckin with me bop
Introduce you to ur Ghost, welcome to D-Block

[Jersey J of Dynamic Certified]
I catch this is what champions feel like
As I report to the scores table on game night
Feelin like Kobe when he put up over eighty
Or skating on thin ice feelin like Gretzky
All of you, nigga this is what I do
Uh, I swear we work hard every night
So we can get green like Montana and Ice
Or Steve Rice switch error, error, as we approach the Obama era
Every verse is murder, I spit Osama terror
If I exist in the water, I am Orca
If I exist in the sky, I am falcon
Cuz fly is my outcome, why would you doubt him
I am a vet so greatness is the outcome
Its evident that I am heaven sent from God’s power
Its evident that he has blessed me with raw power
The flow fuel powder, I make lightning flash from my chain
Like I possess almighty Thor powers
I am hungry so the beat I’ll devour
So fall back, you weak cowards

My name is Karelezz, y’all deserve a great
Im one of the best, my raps regurgitate
They come up, confuse you, the plan is so ??
Put your guns up, I got hands like Kimbo
Lets roll, I Kick you harder than Fiasco
Your styles old, you gonna off like Castro
Theres no stopping me, Im on the cash road
If this was a monopoly, your ass wouldn’t pass go
This aint a game, expect me to sell
Cuz in Long Beach, we bang and go directly to jail
Check the resume, I did time in my day
Over 1825 days in ??Y-A??
But naw I aint, bragging, the actin is killin me
Youre not only wack, you cant see me lyrically
Im point-guard, I can pass or shoot
Punches hit you so hard, you have to puke, nigga
7 long verses lmao...and i take it dynamic certified is 2-man group?

best verse: imo, a toss up between luciano and capone, but im leanin towards luci lol

(post any errors u find also)
(09-25-2010, 03:00 PM)Jerm link Wrote:7 long verses lmao...and i take it dynamic certified is 2-man group?

best verse: imo, a toss up between luciano and capone, but im leanin towards luci lol

(post any errors u find also)

DC = Pac 10 & Jerzey J
(09-26-2010, 04:32 AM)Novakane link Wrote:[quote author=Jerm link=topic=4598.msg277912#msg277912 date=1285444819]
7 long verses lmao...and i take it dynamic certified is 2-man group?

best verse: imo, a toss up between luciano and capone, but im leanin towards luci lol

(post any errors u find also)

DC = Pac 10 & Jerzey J

thanks man
I think he said:

I’m the biggest thing in LA since ANDREW BYNUM (Lakers player - 7 ft. dude)

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