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MC Squared - Lyrical Holocaust
Whuttup y'all ??
This my new rap I wrote ...
A bit lyrical as far as mine go ...
ONLY LYRICS cuz I only write .. DON'T ASK FOR AN MP3 !! LOL
Don't forget to comment .. and share ur thoughts ...

Lyrical Holocaust

[Verse One]

Forget Einstein, cuz I define space-time with fine rhymes /

My mind shines, MC Squared equaled Excellence (mc^2=E) throughout his lifetime /

In Arabic, they say ‘Time is like a sword’, a trick menace /

When ‘the clock strikes’, I ‘strike back’ with big weapons /

‘Kill time’ with its own sword, then chop minutes, n/in ‘SPLIT SECONDS’ ! /

Skull harbors a unique intellect that hasn’t been rivaled yet /

The ‘brain-storms’ I bring are unparalleled when insane thoughts manifest ! /

My intelligence quotient (IQ) is multiplied by 10 to the third exponent /

‘Ahead of my time’, I can outperform opponents with my brain’s ‘over-clocked’ components ! /

Never dealt with ‘bits of info’, only processed ‘gigabytes’ /

Killed ‘Gordan Freeman’, combining his 2 ‘Half-Lives’ to get a ’2nd life ! /

I spit these ‘cold flows’, ‘polar rhythms’, +furry creature with the sick looks+ /

I’m the dude who kicked Pluto out the solar system with my +BIG-FOOT+ ! /

You’re rhymes are sloppy like ATnT’s service when it drops calls /

Mine are ‘tighter’ (better) than the ‘iPhone 4 grip’, yeah, I ‘DROP BARS’ !! /

Defyin’ laws of ‘gravity’ as I ‘elevate’ my mentality.. I use my pen to rip rappers apart and GRAZE ANATOMIES (Grey’s Anatomy) … !!!!!!

[Verse Two]

Ain’t here to talk about guns, girls, or any Cadillacs /

Only weapons I brag about are those smuggled in my paragraphs ! /

They say “Hip-Hop is dead”, but I’m over-looking these slobs /

Diss me, I’ll feel violated, like geeks ‘climbing over’ Bill ‘Gates’ looking for Jobs/jobs /

I’m an over-achiever; in my skills, a believer; I’m setting high standards /

A monstrous rapper cuz confidence matters; I can rhyme in SIGN-LANGUAGE !! /

A jaw dropper, in the form of a raw rapper; with words I just play /

The type of wordplay that’ll make Shakespeare turn in his grave !! /

Hot lyrics and lighter fluid, which means I’m burnin’ this page /

I ‘snatch a mic’ +Swift+ly/swiftly (Taylor Swift), before u finish when I’m burstin’ in rage ! /

“When I approach, rappers be takin’ notes” cuz I’ll be statin’ quotes /

MC Squared is an icon, even if people hate him most … /

I cause grammatical structures to rupture, I define literature ! /

Phonics are astonishing; synonym of apocalypse, in this rap in particular /

Assassin with the lyrics; unmatched patterns of spittin’ from the master of writtens /

I be baffling critics and battling gimmicks with the baddest of rhythms … !!!!!

[Verse Three]

‘XLed’ (excelled) in ‘Sickology 101′, crowned a ‘Wordsmith’ cuz nobody iller (better) with the wordplay /

I punctured the ozone layer with my middle finger on EARTH DAY !! /

Skilled with the rhetoric, last challenger’s head ? Severed it ! Body was left scarred /

Lyrically off-scale, no +’bar’ometer+ can measure the ‘pressure’ with which I +spit BARS+ !! /

I spit that ‘lactic acid’ shit, that gets your muscles ‘crampin’ stiff’ /

Causes nouns and adjectives to dissociate into letters of the alphabet !! /

Bringing ‘The Art of War’ to ‘pacifists’, this dude is labeled : illmaculate /

Hitler’s advocate, I’ve even ripped apart ‘geeks’ battle-rappin’ in ‘JAVASCRIPT’ /

‘Liberal thoughts’ from ‘thinkin’ outside the box’ ; gonna read the book “Poetics” by Aristotle /

Then I’ll write “Ahmad’s World”, my philosophical models embedded in a novel /

Wack rappers are confined, like a ship-in-a-bottle, they oughta pay the price ! /

‘On my way’ to greatness, grip on the throttle; ain’t no mic on Earth I can’t ignite !!!! /

Homies tellin’ me : “Chill, go slow on these lame rappers who stain the art ..” /

I told ‘em : “I’d rather get an ‘orthotopic transplant’ than have a ‘change-of-heart’ !!” /

I’ll tear their veins apart, and sleep on them cuz of their boring shit ! /

Y’all are just rap’s ‘coordinates’, but MC Squared is the ‘ORIGIN’ !!!!!!!

[Verse Four]

My lines are like ‘Michael Scofield’s tats’ (tattoos), ingeniously planned ! /

Yours are more like ‘T-Bag’, cuz you could really ‘use a hand’ !! /

My ‘nuclear head’ is about to explode, like ‘Little Boy’ before it hit the ground ! /

This rappin’ ‘animal’ is spittin’ in ‘unhuman frequencies of sound’ ! /

Rappers think they great cuz they can rhyme in double time /

Muppet minds ! Hand me a ‘Rubik’s Cube’ and I’ll solve it for ya ‘COLOR-BLIND’ !!! /

Could slice Darth Vader with half of a lightsaber /

Then drop a ‘Skywalker’ from the top of a ‘skyscraper’ ! /

‘Narrow’-minded mainstream acts are like the width of ‘Portugal’ /

‘Niels Bohr’, I ‘shine and emit light’ cuz I’m climbing in ‘levels of ORBITALS’ /

Abusing acoustics, murderin’ melodies, smackin’ tracks breathless /

No sympathy for symphonies, amusing musicians upon their first listen with the verse written ! /

Mind of a physicist, embodied in a lyricist, spittin’ venom /

My only reply to ‘destructive criticism’ is ‘constructing lyricism’ !! /

If you ‘reach for the stars’, take your hands off me !! Cuz I’m ‘gleaming’ !! /

Cuz believe me homie, my unbelievable raps are the reason the PISA TOWER is LEANIN’ … !!!!!!

Thoughts ???

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