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Cypher 1 - Horseshoe G.A.N.G. feat. Kid Vicious, Mykestro & Conyiac Da X.O.
Cypher 1 Lyrics – Horseshoe G.A.N.G. feat. Kid Vicious, Mykestro & Conyiac da X.O.

[Julius Luciano]
Im the new Aristotle, call me Luciano Zeus Apollo
Future Pablo Picasso, numero uno honcho
La Cosa Nostra, mobstah Apostle, cockin the auto-
Matic, Im what havin when you combine the top four
Rap dudes, let me mix em all, see the west call me Machuvelli
When a call east, then they call me Jigga Smalls
See the raps too deadly, sincere like that dude in belly
The bigger yall be, the harder ya fall, I got tools ready
Im sick aimin atchu, bless me
Yeah buddy, go head mug me
Im Ted Bundy, nutty, cant face me
Get murdered backwards I redrum yeah
Son yeah lead up in ya head, trust me
Ya dead from the snubby
Shed blood on your van, you shoulda fled from me dummy
Yep, us niggas makin noise
I draw pistols, that’s how I illustrate my point

[Kid Vicious]
You know them Detroit boys true
We gangbang for your blood, but don’t holla soo-woo
Torture you before I put the torch to you
Be discrete but see you treat the beef just like a forker do
Yah deuce-deuce, cant fuck with an uzi
Or fall more than blond bitches when they run in scary movies
Dead if we creep?? At your head then shoot
While you playing, you cant be duckin more than a goose
It’s the truth, you don’t know who u playing with
Rhyme a bunch of words but aint saying shit
Makes sense, call me Superman walk into the booth door
Cant beat him, cuz keep more kryptonite than Lex Luthor
Coupe doors, open like your fridge and your freezer
Visa, shown that ive been to the?? evisa??
Can you do that? Left coast, Midwest rap
When necks get broke, the throats collapse

[Dice Dinero]
Nobody can spit sicker - than this immaculate
Arrogant nigga to clutch triggas, yall some switch hittas
Some bitch niggas, I should slit yo throat
Or stick a needle off in your arm and leave a suicide note
This is a quote from a killa, Im Achilles, mixed with Atilla
And equipped with more straps than a gun
Then my flow is on some assault rifle shit
Believe you me, I rifle your clique just as quick as my trigger go click
And reload the clip in the calicoe
Send it eight shots in your clavicol, so bitch nigga die slow
Yo, you fuckin with a psycho, that might go
Michael Myers on this mic doe
On some real spit, my spit malignant
My flows ignant, better yet flows indignant
Ima beast on this mic, ima pitbull off the leash
So vicious some say, Michael Vick sent me to fight

[Kenny Siegal]
Nigga, my bars are sweet like chocolate, nestle
On beats im a beast im the loch ness, Nessie
My tech love smoking, I call it my high tech weapon
It’ll leave a guys vest messy
I be on that tyrant shit, I be on that take a rifle
And snipe a prick of his bike while he cycling type of shit
I be on that pipin chicks, bareback with viruses
And eat em out before they monthly cycle end type of sick
Shit, when Im writing im too vicious
I chew you bitches for nutrition, Im cuckoo, few screws missin
And you listenin true flew shoe spittin
And yall should give it up like loose bitches
Its over, nigga, buried is the weak
My various varied vowel styles, vary on the beat
Got engaged to my gauge, now im married to my heat
Watch how you speak now or forever hold my piece (peace), motherfucka

Rahh, the monumental his mouthpiece
Out the unbottled genesis, model citizens and sittin outreach
Consolidating synonyms, disfiguring doubt
I’ll evict any nigga anybody killa im bout me
Controversy, the kind that would sign the Quran to the clergy
Collidin with climate, it kinda irks me
The Santa Monical rhyming and minor intervals
Models, and bottlded mineral water provides a visual
Certainly, the circumstantial manual
My intangibles clash tryna amass Hannibal
Fast forward, the flannels and flags catapult
Flash the last vaginal splash for Rass’ antidote
Before my pinnacle pass to crash criminal
Class up individualist swag but flag pivotal
My unperimative passion’s the last symbol to
Blast the last nigga to past on that centerfold??

[Demetrius Capone]
I make the song cry, I make instrumentals weep
When I speak what I penciled in the sheet
Freak beats like pussy, eat instrumentals like a peach
Wake up with a hard dick, cuz I rape instrumentals in my sleep
I don’t give a fuck about the old west
Drown the whole west, til theres nothing but us and hoes left
Like Noah’s Ark, blow your heart out your whole chest
You’ll get blown apart, Im Bonaparte (Napoleon) in the cold flesh
Into commission, I need no permission
Blowing niggas to pieces for believing the wrong religion
This is the prohibition of different beliefs, there’ll be no co-existent
We the holiest coalition, but listen
You can play Jesus on the part two
Crucify you twice, he double crossed you
Motherfuck, peace, ima meat lover
Choosin beef over squash, I’ll each one of yall food

[Conyiac Da X.O.]
Shots pitchable, like Bonds Barry (bury) them
Hittable like GNC, I keep iron in general
??Yank his ball??, when I started shes done
He words aint travel miles niggas cant even come
I go in like them cracks ima cold wind
How the flow spin, should be labeled as the cold sin
Ima broke limb, like I mind chicks that wanna step on shattered ligaments to a cold limb??
Im comit?? At the bullpen, new west co-op, no country for old men
KRS-me One mic, Esco-bars im a Teacha
Master trigonometry so cock you with the sleepa
But dick in to the draw
Llamas play daggers like a scene outta saw
Man Im seen without flaw
So cody ate?? Get observed for more on that show room floor
Mrs. Glock ole beastly?? Haters hurt beneath me
Treat em like the sole on my huddies where my feet be
Im Peruvian man O.D. completely
Entrepreneurish, Ben Franklin completes me

felt like doin the lyrics for this track as well...Mykestro was a beast with the syllables and slant any errors u get tell me    ;D

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