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Horse Shoe Gang Freestyle (off Block Obama)
Horse Shoe Gang Freestyle

[Kenny Siegal]
Massive games in my mind, my brains on some arcade shit
My flows sweet and cold like its on some parfait shit
I’ma monster with a sharp blade in hand, I’ma start chasin
Leatherface, and stalk Jason and have his heart racing
Got the flow of the future, yall bars ancient
A rap animal turn cannibal sufferin from starvation
I’m hot enuff to walk the streets and leave charred pavement
Bars hot enuff to torch pages and scorch Satin
My tech’ll spark flames, then my lark in the park take in??
Takin you apart, your brains and face part ways
When them thangs start blazing, I sit in the dark aimin
Picking off cats like the petals on carnations
We stay huggin ratchets, a rap scallion
And his battalion, runnin rampant when the sun is absent
Who summon this gummin?? And wantin your corpse to get hung in
My dungeon, that’s my punchin bag, if u wana clap that ___?

[Dice Dinero]
I rap with the Horse Shoe Get-ANG
Enuff said we bust laid, one shot from the pumper will replace your leg
With an artificial limb, you fuckin with the crème de la crème
Sportin the all blue dodger brim fitted
Go against the COB, and you can get it, get it!
Fuck a beast, we some monstas nigga so get wit it
I ghost you niggas, you’ll never find your lost souls
Fucking with COB, put me up in boss mode
I’m on fire, so stop drop and roll
I cock the glock, pop some shots, and put some holes
In your sternum, yeah-yeah, I’ma quick with the burner
With a flow as cold as a young Ike Turner
I’ma muhfuckin problem, not even a mathematician can solve
Even if they use algorithms and not at all
Yeah so make way for this young goon
Tearing shit up like a typhoon from Long Beach to Cancun

[Julius Luciano]
My poisonous poetry’s potent I’m painin this
Picture perfectly, approaching, I’m poking your pancreas
I’m sharp as the point on my pencil
When you rap, I’m disappointed and pissed too, pointing my pistol
Learn to respect me, I murk with music
Melodic massacre, makes a murderous medley
Servin with deadly flows, I’m cold
Servin me is as hard as the search for the dead sea, scrolls
Fo’s, try and mimic me, this a killing spree
Redrum rhyming rhythmically
I what you would call a thug in a hustle of guns up with
Slugs in your jugular, clutchin a Russian
Revolver, call me Jason like Jada kissin Game
Difference is, I’m the Jason with the chain-
Saw, I’m raw all yall lames should kiss the game
Goodbye, when the game is spittin flame

[Demetrius Capone]
When I came in the room
I spit flame, I’m the angel of doom
Bitch-made, when I tangle with whom
You rather get raped with a broomstick
I lift your brains to the moon
You wish your mother, rusty?? Hang in the womb
Fuck yall niggas, the splinter cell, will get ya the ninja stealth way
Cant get rid of this nigga when he grippin the twelve gauge
Try killing yourself, but I’m still on your trail
Cuz I bought a ticket to hell, bein sicker than twelve-play
I’m sicker than pissin on jailbait, so I’m killin any nigga spririt
Before he swimming in hells lake
Try repentin before you’re sentenced to hell
I’ma hit ya with shells right before he get to pearl gates
I catch niggas at the motherfuckin crossroad
Holy ghost you, blow a hole in you lost souls
They all ghosts, cant hide nigga
I’m still in your afterlife, I graverob niggas

Man Jerm, keep it up ! Thanks for taking the time to do this.

I personally love lyrics as I am a visual learner and so it takes time for lyrics to sync in sometimes, so when I have lyrics that I can SEE and listen to at the same time, it's fcuking amazing. Can't explain it really Tongue

It would be nice if you can do lyrics for HHWR 15 FINALE. I can start it off tomorrow and you can finish it off perhaps
haha no problem, I am actually listening to the Kush Finale right now, and I might do it lol

lol i kept searchin for feel on it freestyle thats why i did not find this Smile
thx for pointin this out to me jerm also nicely done Wink

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