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Slaughterhouse Performance @ "2011 Paid Dues Festival" (04/02/11)

Quote:Almost two years ago, the Slaughterhouse movement was recruited by Guerilla Union to perform at the 2009 Paid Dues Festival in San Bernardino, California. History will repeat itself as the super-group has been tapped once again.

On April 2nd, Slaughterhouse will perform live on stage at the NOS Event Center for the 2011 Paid Dues Festival. The group's invitation is a great honor as they will perform alongside talented artists such as Black Star, Immortal Technique, Murs and many others. Tickets for the three stage show are now available for purchase and we urge everyone to reserve their spot early. If you are interested in learning more about the show, please visit the link included below.

Fans who are interested in checking out additional Slaughterhouse related events can visit our News archive for additional information. In the mean time, keep your browser pointed towards The B.O.S.S. Board for future updates.

[Image: PD_11_acts_final.jpg]
Paid Dues is today everyone.

Slaughterhouse will be performing on the Grindtime Now stage @ 8:25PM
I dont know how many of you follow the battle scene but this is gonna be some historical shit for grind time, cant wait to see the footage.
BTW: Anyone who is attending Paid Dues tonight will have the opportunity to buy the brand new COB shirts!
New clip posted by Iceman from before the show -

Photo of Crooked I, Royce & Immortal Technique -

[Image: aaaayo.jpg]
Cool video and that pic is dope. 3 incredible MC's in conversation. Immortal Technique is arguably the greatest lyricist alive. Regardless of his topics he always bring incredible metaphors and lyrics.
COB Merchandise Booth -

[Image: bbbc.jpg]
[Image: 87188577.jpg]
Footage of the Slaughterhouse Intro @ Paid Dues 2011
The crowd seemed a little weak during that intro but i still think the performance was sick.
Yall gonn like this

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