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Crooked I - Gangsta's Cry Lyrics
Crooked I ft K-Young - Gangsta's Cry Lyrics
(a track from Planet COB Volume 1 which can be purchased here

[Crooked I - verse 1]
so many memories, i don't understand
they got me weak on my knees like i don't wana stand
i try to snap back like a rubber band
but flash backs got another plan to bury this rap cat under land
my closest aunt fell victim to a mad man
he ripped her, he stabbed her, he threw her in a trash can
and to us all Oklahoma, the home of the gat ban,
they buried charlie and bobby, my biggest rap fan
i cant express how much I miss the time I spit with ya
god, why'd they have to kill my mama's twin sister
nigga you lucky cops sent you to jail
cause I was coming to send you to hell
after my choppers went to split ya
i was just a shorty when my cuzin bobby died
a star running back for long beach, that's probably high
his best friend and his wife set off the drama right
he caught him in bed which led to his homicide
right on his death bed, prepared to die
he wrote a song for his wife, the title: that's not a fair goodbye
cause goddam its not a fair goodbye, young goodnight
gunz, i woulda popped for you, where was i
i cant forget my aunt zebt, its your nef?(newphew) since you left
ive been missing you and I will until my last breath
why did so many love ones have to meet a fast death
they wanted me to succeed, how can I half step


I look up in the sky
with tears in my eyes
its hard to say good bye
even gangstas cry

(Crooked i)
im in the dark room talking to pictures
too many love ones lost and I miss ya
god knows that i miss ya

and even though im strong
im mad that your gone
its hard to carry on
even gangstas cry

(Crooked i)
late at night, i get lost in the scriptures
wish I can dig off in your coffin and get ya

[Crooked I - verse 2]

no paper, there is nothing else i can do to move it
my music is therapeutic, if I don't use it, i loose it
its so easy to pick up liquor and abuse it
when life's confusing, you wana way that u need to view shit
i look at my gun and think of my buddy that's leaking bloody
cause this is the same demon that took my people from me
a lot of my homies was killed over illegal money
i lost so many to banging that it aint even funny
its cookie, its raymond, its charles, too many to name
it's salonel? chain, its pain in memories lane
it's a shame when obituaries stack thicker than dictionaries
i question, is my mind mentally sane
my uncle leeroy is gone, god let him in
he was more of a father figure than his brother ever been
look at my brain, it's like a head of a veteran
i fight more pain that exceterane? medicine ever did
i cant sleep, my nightmares are coming unannounced
i dream about people i love cause im running out
its rap lyrics, my therapy, they dont wana bounce
its trapped spirits, im thinking my minds a haunted house
sometimes i pray to the creator until my knees hurt
i need work, my granny used to say i need church
this is for my people beneath dirt
we making songs, getting tattoos and rocking Rest in Peace t-shirts


Looked around the net for lyrics and there weren't any. It's too bad cause this is one of Crookeds best emotional tracks ! So I thought since im bored, why not do it myself and post it here first, the home of the Crooked fans. Enjoy. If there are any mistakes, please share corrections as I did this fast.


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