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Ad-vice (feat. KareLezz)-Do Dirt Stay Clean Lyrics
Do Dirt,Say Clean
Till We At the Top Of Heep
Always make It Pop in the streets
Sippin on top self making with hot wit a Freak
On This Heat! (So Lets Roll)

Verse 1:
Shift gears
Over Years
Lost Peers
Manage somehow not to shed tears
Bred to be clear
you born to just fight now
Not MC of the year
but Im right now
Yall dudes can bite down
and shatter ya teeth
That beef
you chat about never matters to me
Got surface-less styles that'll scatter ya fleet
Snatch a (?) gun
& watch you get popped son (NOW!)
How you gon run when my scope shoots for miles?
George Jefferson loot,let the laundry just pile
That smile on ya chick's face blame it on me
She knocks me in the (???????) when she feels lonely
Only In your dreams Ma,touch or not
Either way I gotta dime in the spot
So make change!
Pull up the in the range
Coke white
Hold tight
Im'a be back while Ali make it bang!


Verse 2:
Everyday I find a way to get by,& get high
Its just a day in the life out in Cali
You know how we roll up
Bout 50 deep now you aint lookin tough
(Now We Gon Blow)
Yall was a decoy,my family Sho'Nuff
Im Bruce Leroy
Lyrically Destroy
Everything I spit
Nuthin I spit
Rollin wit Ad-vice & you know we stay clean
So precise on the mic,Im so pristine
Bumpin down the block,come thru to make the earth shake!
Everybody's moving and no it aint a earthquake!
Cali aint my birthplace
But look on the map
It aint where you from, man its where you at
So #COB easy lets get that dough
Rollin a bleezy put it in the so!

(Chorus) X 2


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