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Account Activation Problems?
What's up guys?

Apparently several members are having trouble receiving their e-mail activations when registering for this site. If you have had trouble, please use the Contact button at the bottom of the website and provide me with the user name / e-mail address you registered with. I can go in and manually turn on your account.

I apologize for the inconvenience, we had to put new measures in place to fight the ongoing spam bot problem.

Yo Effex, you do know that any member who registers must go through admin approval meaning you can set it up so that the admin(yourself) on a daily basis checks off who they approve and then that person gets an email whenever you accept saying their account is activated.

I know its a pain but its better off like that and it avoids spam bots cause u can choose who to accept and not to accept (all emails coming from .ru are spam) so you can easily differentiate between spam and regular members. This will also save the members from having to manually activate their account I guess.

My $0.02... I know if Kenny Siegel from HSG were to read this, he would say its cheap talk :/
I have considered it, but there are other measures in place right now that should prevent that from being necessary. Obviously some spam is always going to get in though, it's just how it is.

The only reason I didn't want to do admin activation was because I'm not always around (even though it seems I am, ha ha) and I didn't want people to have to wait. I didn't even want to do e-mail activations. We didn't have them for a long time, but I had to change that unfortunately. There's some bugs in the system, I'm working them out now.

I'll take your idea into consideration though. There's definitely pros and cons.

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