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Anyone know Crooked's shows in advance?
Hey, this is probably a shot in the dark because I imagine that some of his shows might come about suddenly, but does anyone know if any of his performances are set in stone?  I live out in Pittsburgh, but me and a couple of my friends are going to fly out to Cali one weekend to catch one of Crooked's shows.  If anyone knows of any that are for sure happening in the future that would be very helpful, but if not ill just keep my eyes peeled.
We post pretty much all of them up here and list them in the Crooked I forum, News section and Events sub-section (off of News). Keep checking back for updates...

For the most part I try to get them up a few weeks in advance, but it really depends on when it's announced by his camp.
Ok thanks, yea I did see that they were posted up on here, but I didn't know if there were some type of list or anything that had the dates on them.  Ill just have to keep checking back here and find one that will work out good.
Yeah, I try my best to keep everyone in the loop. It really depends on the show promoters to get the word out sooner than later. Some are better than others at that, lol.
Haha yea man, I know what you mean.  It's the same thing here with Wiz's shows.  Good stuff though, I just can't wait to actually go and see him live and hopefully get to meet him face to face. 
Word, you'll have a good time. Crooked shows are a unique experience! lol

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