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Crooked I Performance @ "Incahoots" In Fullerton, CA (03/10/11)

Quote:The Boss of the West is currently gearing up to rock the industry with release of his highly anticipated album Million Dollar Story. As promotion for the project's release, Crooked I is planning a special live performance and has invited the entire Circle of Bosses family.

On Thursday March 10th, Crooked I will be hitting the stage at Fullerton, California's Incahoots night club. The performance is set to include additional performances by Crooked I's family the Horse Shoe G.A.N.G. and Sauce Tha Boss. Tickets for the monumental event are now available for pre-order and we encourage fans to act quickly to reserve their spot. Please check out the flier included below for additional details.

Crooked I's popular #OKBYE t-shirts are available once again through the Planet COB website. Fans who make a purchase are able to download two brand new songs and the entire Hip Hop Weekly: Reloaded series. Make sure to check out the "related" link for further information.

[Image: crookedorangecounty2011.jpg]

Man I'd Wish He'd do a tour LA, Cali 2 New York, NY with Knoxville, TNsomewhere in the middle and have his clothing line out here as wellotherwise I can't get that DO NOT COCK BLOCK shirt
hmm, does anyone else find it interesting that there's all, E1(Koch), Shady & Interscope logos in the poster?
(02-14-2011, 09:13 PM)JayE link Wrote:hmm, does anyone else find it interesting that there's all, E1(Koch), Shady & Interscope logos in the poster?

Oh, you noticed that too, lol
One-2 said today via twitter that he will be there too.
ill be there!!! glad i saw this in time, woulda hated myself if i missed it haha
Last minute notice, but anyone dropping by this show tonight, PLEASE get photos, thanks!
If you missed the show on March 10, 2011. I have a few video footage and photos of the event.
I Got to chill with my boy Crooked and the Horse shoe gang. Special guess like Sauce the boss, One Two, Sly Boggy ect.

The best thing is that Crooked invited me to his studio next week to hang out with him and listen to the Million Dollar Story album.  I will be posting some footage of that day soon.


Thanks for all the coverage, that is VERY appreciated!

Yeah homie thanks for the videos, that looked like a sick night. When your in the studio with Crook listenin to Million Dollar Story ask him what the release date is! haha dont leave until you have him saying a release date on video. haha

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