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One-2 feat. Horseshoe G.A.N.G. - Coast Guard Lyrics
Coast Guard Lyrics
[One-2 – Hook]
We patrol the West as the coast guard
Chrome sparks spit rounds, leave our foes scarred
L.A. aint what you see on the post card
Dead bodies get found by the boat yard
Say we patrol the West as the coast guard
Chrome sparks spit rounds, leave our foes scarred
Hollywood aint what you see on the post card
Dead bodies get found by the boat yard

[Julius Luciano]
I see how you wana play
Now that the New West vehicle is in motion, you fags wanna stow away
You cant follow our motor k?
Even some of you old dudes, owe dues, you got more to pay
I got more to say, to you motor mouths
I got a silencer that quiets the sound your motor makes
We the coast guard, we a band-aid for the West Coast
Other niggas left the Coast scarred
I don’t see you punk haters, only the Gs
In Cali fuck with the Shoes, I don’t mean the Chuck Taylors
I walk with the shoes you cant fit
We put One-2 in the shoes, now the shoes is expanding
I ride with Treacherous Records, we forever connected
We cheddar collecting, using various nefarious methods
Perpetual success is expected
We guarding the coast, you better respect it


Yeah I rep the coast guard, L.A. is the place
I make haters lay on they face
Escape without trace, like Jon Dillinger
Killing ya, expand international
Actions are irrational, I grab yea by your clavicle
Im from a generation of the young and restless
Old man your ass’ll get Smack Down like wrestlers
I put holes through teflon, my flow is slept on
Still I cut throat, all my foes get stepped on
You rap about the latest fashion
You rap for the cash and the mansions
I rap for the passion, thats why Im smashin your ass, Im a lyrical assassin
I bring the pain, perfect aim, get your finger blastin
Fools, you can try to hide, run to your mamas side
We never let the drama slide, resortin to homicide
We aint playing, let them haters know that
Smith and Wessen go blatt
Puttin the West on the map


[Kenny Siegel]
West, coast guard, go hard as a motherfucka
For no charge, Im bogarting this motherfucka
Flow smart as a motherfucka
But my bars dumb like they simple, though they go hard as a motherfucka
The West need pockets enormous, morbid
Outta town tryna stop us from soaring, we warring
I might be at the L.A.X. strapped like a terrorist
Waving my turrets at tourists, for tourists??
You know the GANG Untouchable
Its nothing to fuck with you, but you cant fuck with U
Yeah, meaning you cant fuck with Shoe
Fuck an L, its the West, we about them Ws

[Demetrius Capone]
We policing the cops, we be the gods of the beach
We be the COB, C-O-B is a mob deeper, than Mobb Deep
Don’t creep on our block or thinking you rockin shows
Without seeing the squad either
Yeah, to rappers trespassing
Im checkin your ass in a brand new west fashion
Packing a jet black, tech that’ll wet faggots
No fly zone for those who jet laggin
Yeah, I put you all to the test
Better make the call before I put you all to the death
I stand tall nigga and im ballin the best
I guess Im Kobe, the fuckin guard of the west


post any corrections u find
and friggin Capone just commanded this track
but i also liked Luciano's alot

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