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H.A.M. Remix Lyrics
H.A.M. Remix Lyrics

[Demetrius Capone- Kenny Siegel- Julius Luciano- Dice Dinero]
C.O.B… You never heard of a motherfucker that’ll come eat your lyrics
Finna release the beast, you finna believe and fear it
When hear it and now here it is
You’ll be bleeding, period
Im a venereal disease, you need to cure it
Swallow his ass for lunch, when I eat your spirit
Call it phantom punch, when I drink your spirit
Im coming up out the cut
Im the belly of the beast, caesarian
Here he is, squeeze the trigger and BLAOOW

[Kenny Siegel]
Rippin the beat in a heart
I can rap to the beat of your heart
Now im rockin a capella, cuz the beat finna cease when I start
Listen nigga ima beast, I finna feast on my enemies
Whether I send a nigga piece that I carve
On his face, Im ripping features apart
Cant wait for the freakin beefin to start
I Takeover, but im Ethering yall

[Demetrius Capone]
The new religion, Ive rewritten the bible
When you read this one you’ll see you need to believe in us
Cuz we leading the disciples
Hear us reapers and he is Jesus Christ too
Im creeping like a thief in the night, true
C-O-B, is up leading the revival
MC, kill em with heat, grippin a rifle
Divine lyricism, these lyrics’ll smite you

[Julius Luciano]
Invite you to the Temple of Doom
The minute you enter it you living in infinite boom
I got unlimited artillery like Neil, Im arm strong (Armstrong)
Im so fly, I could visit the moon

[Kenny Siegel-Demetrius Capone- Julius Luciano- Dice Dinero]
(Yeah) Lets go, I bet both we go, when im pissed off
Niggas just stepped on the pro?
The West Coast I know, gets left on the lone
Get techs blown for those
Til a nigga til they hummin and rest home for dose and
Yes comatose and I get in your head, possessed or controlled
Possess most my foes, special hypnosis
Your mind go below the threshold of focus
Shoe Gang, the best flow composers
Get so explosive, bet your headphones get blown
When you get listening to the Shoe
We doin it equivalent to electroconvulsive-shock

[Demetrius Capone- Dice Dinero- Julius Luciano]
Im equipped with that thing
Sick no remedies, get the vaccine
We do it to the max, like we fuckin a bitch named Maxine
Bruce Banner, getting mad green
Its move over time, we’ve all passed two over times
The Shoe’s gotta shine, my flow goin HAM
Damn, Im too dope with lines
I spit sick, even my flu going swine

all i gotta say is: fuck...
i put the general order of who spit what in each rhyme scheme heading, just so it doesnt have to be split up
and post any corrections please
Just wow. March 22, 2011. That is all.

Thanks Jerm! Props once again for coming through with them lyrics. PS Dice also had a line in the first verse lol so you forgot to add his name in the brackets.

"Finna believe the beast, YOU finna believe it and fear it"
"ON his face, Im ripping FEATURES apart"

Thats the only thing I saw you forgot. Thanks once again !
yo jerm u get my message?
jerm, your actuallly mad! You got this up in no time! Mich love and keep up the good work.

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